Beyond The Lamplight: Theme song for the new hit machine in Americana

Beyond The Lamplight: Theme song for the new hit machine in Americana

Lead singers of Larry and his Flask, Ian Cook and Andrew Carew, continue the fun and songwriting alliance together in their new project Beyond The Lamplight. A new iteration of the time-tested sound that fans have grown to love. Soaring harmonies meld with deft lyricism and lightning-fast banjo-picking all against a double-time backbeat to form a quintessential electric barn burner.

“This one is our theme song.”, says singer Ian Cook.
“It’s about the slings and arrows that we’ve suffered over the past few years and how we’ve come out unscathed and stronger than ever. It’s a song of mutual support as well,

“Beyond, beyond the lamplight, we will be what you need, we’ll illuminate the night”—“Come one come all, gather near, you will be what we need, a sympathetic ear”.
“It’s our light at the end of the tunnel song. Our torch on a dark night song. An anthem to all the world that we’re here for you if you’re here for us!”

Having worked with Xtra Mile Records & Silver Sprocket Records with Larry And His Flask, Beyond the Lamplight quickly found a home with Flail Records.

Their last single from December 2022 “Shelter” featured worldwide Singer/Songwriter legend Frank Turner and has been picked up both online and on radio stations a lot.

“We got really close with him and the Sleeping Souls over the course of several tours throughout the years with Larry and his Flask. When I sat down and wrote Shelter it just kind of all came flowing out in one big stream. When I finished and listened back to it, I could just hear him singing it so clearly in my head. The melody just lent itself to his voice and style. So I got a hold of him and asked if he’d be into being a part of it and he was super stoked to lend his voice to the song.”, says Cook.

The album “Don’t forget to leave it all behind” will be out in the first half of 2023!

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