Beyond Extinction // The Fatal Flaws of Humankind // EP Review


Four robust tracks, heaving with vibrant young energy and plenty of filthy riffs.

‘God complex’ is a monster of a song that slows and rises like the belly of a beast. From the echoey shouting of the start through the spew and into the steadily rhythmic Death vocals, the song writhes in directions that your ears won’t expect.  Frantically chunky, turbulently tuneful and comprised of many interesting parts.  Even the instrumentals talk to you.

‘Apex Predator’ is a track as groovy as hell itself. The Death growls in this one are strong and demonic whether fast and fierce or slowed and chanted, they’ll crunch the music into your ears and if that doesn’t do it then the audio panning will.  A song with unique timing – the pauses play a part too – by the end, the feeling is battle-worn but you know it will never surrender.

“Slaughtered! Left Butchered, hung out by her hair” there’s definitely an axe to grind with this one, ‘Bones Like Branches’ is grittier, slightly less melodic but just as bone shakingly satisfying.  The guitars act like power tools chopping those bounding riffs and driving their meaning home. This song brings different emotions in to play and the group vocal chant of “Wither, Die, Crucify, No Monstrosity Left Alive” pays off profoundly with the added touch of a desperate choking cry.

Ready for something different? Then ‘A Face Without Features’ has you covered.  Beginning with individual guitar notes with an echoey edge, the vocals in this one feel less acidic but still wonderfully, darkly, harsh.  All hell breaks loose towards the centre of the song with the instruments giving extra vision to the thunderstorm that is being spoken of. Clipped lyrics over pummeling drums, it’s a great song to shake out that angst.  Futuristic warning-like spacey plinks are inserted before a slowed tempo tailing into the final verse and those solitary notes again.  The enigma has fleeted for now but you’ll want it to revisit.

Essex Death Metallers Beyond Extinction is stirring up some mighty energy with this EP. The Fatal Flaws of Humankind out Fri 29th January 2021.

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Review: Suzi Bootz



God Complex 03:40

Apex Predator 03:36

Bones Like Branches 02:49

A Face Without Features 04:43    || 




Beyond Extinction // The Fatal Flaws of Humankind // EP Review
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