BEX releases frenetic new single ‘SPYD4 K1NG’; gets caught in a web in the music video

BEX releases frenetic new single ‘SPYD4 K1NG’;

gets caught in a web in the music video:

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Live dates coming up including The Alternative Escape, 2000trees & Y Not?

Up and coming nu-punk artist BEX has revealed her arachnid-influenced new single ‘SPYD4 K1NG’ complete with a web-tangled new music video. Co-written with Sam Matlock (WARGASM) and Sam Cramer (Future Humans), ‘SPYD4 K1NG’ comes at you from multiple angles. As BEX says: “Starting light-hearted, the song can be interpreted as you are ‘just’ a spider on the wall watching in on someone’s life – yet holding & having so much power. The power construct of being small but mighty is what I like to explore. In the grand scheme of things, you are just a spider, building your home within somebody else’s, watching their lives unravel and move around you. Yet, when you are noticed you are terrifying, you are suddenly in charge of all the homes. You are now more than a bug. 

The second theme that’s hidden within the track is around fear and anxiety. The music video explores this by showing the character scared and anxious about this spider in the corner. The spider has covered the motel with cobwebs – because of this, the character cannot complete everyday tasks such as answering the phone, getting dressed – tasks that some people with mental health disorders struggle to do daily. Throughout the video, the character builds strength and becomes the spider. They eventually take the power into their own hands and are able to destroy the webs and complete the tasks they were attempting at the start. The webs represent anxiety, the spider represents recovery and help. I liked the idea of this being a spider because sometimes you find help in the most peculiar places. The video shows that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for everyone. For those who are perhaps struggling with their mental health or personal situations, this is to help give them hope to overcome those battles that seem small to everyone else but insurmountable to them. The smallest things hold the most power.”

Since releasing her first single in 2022, 20 year old BEX has won the hearts (and possibly souls) of both fans and industry alike, with ferocious live performances at Y Not? and The Great Escape, as well as support slots with WARGASM, The Oozes and Future Humans. This year she’s set to play The Alternative Escape, 2000Trees and Y Not? Festivals with more live dates to be announced.

A massive rock fan herself, citing influences including System of a Down, The Pretty Reckless, Rage Against The Machine & Paramore, as the 2020 lockdowns started to bite, BEX honed her creativity and vision from her student bedroom. A disciple of big riffs, she picked up a bass guitar and found that everything sounded better when you played it lower down. With an innate sense of what makes her generation tick and the problems facing the world today (​​Sexism, Racism, Fast fashion and Judgementalism to name just a few), she started uploading self-filmed bass covers of her favourite riffs, dressed in her self-designed clothes (made, stitched, and sewn by her).

So far BEX has achieved support from BBC Radio 1 Future Alternative, Student Music Network, Amazing Radio, BBC Sussex, Gigwise, Rodeo Mag, FemMetal, Fred Perry Subculture, and many more. With a  clutch of vibrant new songs in her arsenal and a plan to play live in every corner of the country, it’s clear that 2023 is the year for Punk’s new daughter.


11 May        The Alternative Escape, Brighton Sidewinder @ 7.30pm

06 July 2000trees Festival, Cheltenham

28-30 July Y Not? Festival, Derbyshire


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