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Based in Sardinia, this duo of heavy psych stoner rock are due to release their second full length album on Argonauta Records on 19th November 2021.

Just like their first album ‘Psychollage’ which was released in 2017, ‘Two of Swords’ replicates a cluster of tracks that are full to the brim with thick and fuzzy guitar riffs to penetrate your eardrums. Slow and meandering beats accompanied by trickles of reverb on the guitar, each track oozes with depth, ever changing tempos and treacherous vocals.

‘Sunrise and Sunset’ leads the way with the fluent sound of a down-tuned guitar augmented by an array of pedals. Ghostly vocals backed by thundering drums create a unique and monstrous vibe – especially for a duo. But don’t underestimate the power of psychedelic stoner-rock music – it’ll seep into your skin. Slowly.

‘Yellow’ sees the introduction of yet another powerful and exuberant melody that builds up tension before being released by soft pulsating toms. To add to the mix, the album also features some interesting time signatures – the track ‘Hermit’ being an example of how these have been pleasantly fused together to create an authentic theme.

Although there are only six tracks on the album, the extended length tracks can be broken down into bite size pieces – each time you listen to them you’ll discover something new. Take ‘Brain War’. This track commences with a simple marching drum roll on the snare before the dastardly prolific sound of the guitar drags you into a five-minute trip to oblivion.  And as the drums become brisk. there’s a quick breather as it sludges its way back for the remains of the track. A hot favourite for sure.

The genre lends itself to oversaturated tones that mess with your head, with a distinct melancholy feel that dominates your head to endlessly nod to the pummel of the drums.

As with many lengthy tracks, each one has to somehow tell a story to captivate the listener, and ‘Two of Swords’ fits the bill in many ways.  Sadly, the longest track on the album, which is a colossal 11 minutes long, slightly fails to grab the same amount of attention in comparison to the rest of the album.  Nonetheless, you need to give this burly album by ‘Bentrees’ a chance and get it on your radar.  It’ll certainly grow on you.

Review: Emma Painter

Release Date: November 19, 2021 – Argonauta Records Formats: LP, CD + Digital Album





01. Sunrise and Sunset

02. Yellow

03. Hermit

04. Brain War

05. Flowing Waters

06. Dust ‘n’ Gold


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