Benighted // Obscene Repressed // Album Review

Forged in 1998 from members of French Death and Black Metal bands Dishumaized, Darkness Fire and Osgiliath, Benighted released their first offering to the world in 2000, by way of their self-titled full-length album and created enough momentum to turn what was a side project into a full-time venture. 

Following this decision, 2002 saw the release of Psychose, 2004 was time for Insane Cephalic Production, 2006 was the year of Identistick which was swiftly followed by Icon in 2007. There was a long wait for the next release, which was the 2011 album, Asylum Cave which was followed up with the 2014 album Carnivore Sublime and the 20th anniversary saw the release of the live album Dogs always Bite Harder Than Their Master.

Now we are up to date and Benighted have roped in some friends for the album, including Sebastian Grihm (CYTOTOXIN) on ‘The Starving Beast’,  Jamey Jasta (HATEBREED) on ‘Implore The Negative’ and Karsten Jäger (DISBELIEF) on ‘Mom, I Love You The Wrong Way’ as the band looks to push boundaries even further and like the opening to the album squelches its way into your nervous system as you try and work out what the fuck is creating that sound, the first scream is swiftly followed by technical and brutal brilliance as the title track begins to crush your skull.

The intensity is incredible as the Brutal sounds have a Blackened edge to them and the drums are like automatic machine gun fire and the vocal switches between high pitched squeals and a deep and aggressive guttural offering. 

This sound continues throughout the album, offering something for fans of every kind of the more brutal offerings of metal, touching on some Slam elements at times and the inclusion of Jasta, which can be heard as soon as the track starts, offers a Hardcore vocal to the Blackened Brutality. It works an absolute treat!!

The 14 track album spans 44 minutes of some of the finest brutal music I have heard, not just this year but ever. It grips you from the off and doesn’t let go as it tears and slaps harder than most of what you have ever heard. Be prepared to hear what is a masterpiece of sickening proportions as the French extremists provide the perfect soundtrack to crush the worldwide pandemic.

Ed Ford


Obscene Repressed is released April 10th 2020 via Season of Mist


Track List

1. Obscene Repressed (2:26) 

2. Nails (3:21) 

3. Brutus (2:49) 

4. The Starving Beast (3:07) 

5. Smoke Through The Skull (2:59) 

6. Implore The Negative (4:05) 

7. Muzzle (2:43) 

8. Casual Piece Of Meat (4:04) 

9. Scarecrow (2:57) 

10. Mom, I Love You The Wrong Way (3:56) 

11. Undivided Dismemberment (2:28) 

12. Bound To Facial Plague (3:29)





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