Benediction // Scriptures // Album Review
Benediction // Scriptures // Album Review10
Benediction // Scriptures // Album Review10
Benediction // Scriptures // Album Review10
Benediction // Scriptures // Album Review10
Benediction // Scriptures // Album Review10
10Overall Score
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Whilst being respectful and appreciative to over 20-year vocalist Dave Hunt when he announced he’s stepping down from the band and the call was placed to Dave Ingram to ask if he wanted to return and there is no hesitation, the hype around the previous albums with Ingram on vocals has returned and now this is the opportunity for new material with the vocalist of old and needless to say excitement about this release is off the charts.

Having formed in 1989 and trying different names, Benediction was snapped up by Nuclear Blast Records, where they remain to this day and the partnership has been extremely fruitful having created some of the most influential music in the Death Metal scene the band is now hoping that Scriptures shows the new injection of life they have to the fullest.

Getting the boring shit out of the way, the release is 12 tracks spanning roughly 47minutes and as soon as the album opens and the drums explode into life with the concerning sound of a guitar, the scything strings lead to an eruption of Death Metal glory, topped off by the returning powerful and abrasive vocal. This immediately feels like some kind of beast is being unleashed and now the lid is open, there is no going back.

As the album continues the riffs are so stunning that you can feel them, the bass isn’t just there to make up the numbers, you actually hear the thick tone and slap of the strings which is something k love to hear. The drums are destructive and the vocal as stated is perfect allowing this amazing combination of band members to combine and create this crushing old school music.

There is an underlying groove to many of the tracks as well, and occasionally the double kick drum makes a blistering appearance and when that meets an almost crust sound to certain tracks it makes you get even more excited and the volume gets turned up that little bit more.

The slight rawness that a band of over 30 years has managed to create on this album is something that is rare and brilliant at the same time and helps to create one of the most incredible and crushing albums of the year and is a rare positive of this wank year. Scriptures is one of the best albums you will hear this year and immediately catapults Benediction back to the top of the Death Metal world with this must-hear album.

Ed Ford



1. Iterations Of I 4:15 

2. Scriptures In Scarlet 3:26 

3. The Crooked Man 3:52 

4. Stormcrow 3:06 

5. Progenitors Of A New Paradigm 5:24 

6. Rabid Carnality 2:45 

7. In Our Hands, The Scars 4:36 

8. Tear Off These Wings 4:19 

9. Embrace The Kill 2:57 

10. Neverwhen 4:10 

11. The Blight At The End 3:12 

12. We Are Legion 4:48



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