Over 90 minutes of electrifying live blues rock at its finest

The double live album features Wayne Proctor (drums), Steve Amadeo (bass) and Ben Poole (vocals, guitar) and showcases Ben’s most popular songs from his past two albums including 2018’s critically acclaimed Anytime You Need Me and 2016’s Time Has Come.




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2-Disc Live album recorded in July 2019 at Barnsley’s Old Schoolhouse,


London’s Half Moon Putney and Kendal’s Bootlegger’s Bar


Blues rock guitarist, singer-songwriter Ben Poole will release his new double live album Ben Poole

Trio /// Live ‘19 on Friday 31st January 2020. The album is available to pre-order from

. The album was recorded over three nights in July 2019 at Old Schoolhouse in

Barnsley, The Half Moon in South London and Bootleggers in Kendal, Cumbria.


The new live album marks Ben’s first live in five years since 2014’s Live at The Royal Albert Hall.

Ben’s live album showcases spontaneous, energetic and powerful performances and includes standout tracks from his recent album Anytime You Need Me including Take It No More, Start the Car, Don’t Cry For Me, and the title track Anytime You Need Me.

Track Listing


Intro (0.46)
Take It No More (5.31)
Win You Over (6.15)
Start The Car (5.34)
Have You Ever Loved A Woman (11.35) The Question Why (7.43)

Further On Down The Line (4.37) Don’t Cry For Me (8.18)

Running Time: 50.24


Lying To Me (4.06)
I Think I Love You Too Much (5.25) Found Out The Hard Way (6.54) Stay At Mine (4.48) Anytime You Need Me (14.24) Time Might Never Come (15.35)

Running Time: 51.16


Ben Poole – Guitar, Lead Vocals Steve Amadeo – Bass, Backing Vocals Wayne Proctor – Drums, Backing Vocals

Recorded by Andrew Banfield at The Old Schoolhouse (Barnsley),
The Half Moon (Putney, London) and The Bootleggers Bar (Kendal, Cumbria).

Mixed and Mastered by Wayne Proctor at Superfly Studios Audio Editing by Oli Brown
Album design: Lee Manning at Bump Creative Photography: Lightlaab Studio

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“Truly astonishing”

Photo by Robert Mangold

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– Classic Rock


“F***ing amazing!”


– Jeff Beck

“So amazing!”

page3image48115520 page3image48113408

– Beth Hart


page3image47734464 page3image47734656

– Kenny Wayne Shepherd

“Exudes class and prowess”

page3image47728512 page3image47734848

– Guitar Techniques


“Definitely one to watch”


– Guitarist

“A really fresh sound and style”

page3image47736384 page3image47737920

– BBC Radio 2

“This is a young man to look out for… a rising talent”

page3image48144256 page3image48140032

– Blues Matters


Not only was Anytime You Need Me the title of Ben Poole’s last studio album, but also the consensus of the press, punters and star players who have caught this British gunslinger on his rise from hot tip to headline act. Released in 2018, the album showed Ben going from strength to strength as a formidable Blues, rock and soul guitarist, singer and songwriter.

Ben has moved fast since he burst out of the Brighton Institute of Modern Music onto the post- millennial scene. We’ve had the breakthrough debut album (2012’s Let’s Go Upstairs). We’ve had the rocket-fuelled live release (2014’s Live at The Royal Albert Hall). 2016’s studio album Time Has Come fused both sides of Ben’s musical personality, capturing the gritty velocity of his shows in a studio context. “We really wanted to get a balance between a live sounding album and a well- produced, polished-sounding one,” he explains.

“There’s a rawness and edginess, but also a subtlety and intimacy. I think we captured what I’m all about with that album, but with the new album the small but amazing team around me pushed me even further as an artist, and as a result we’ve created something way beyond what I could have ever imagined I was capable of.

When you hear comments such as the above from some of the greatest guitar players ever, some of the most respected blues/rock/soul artists in the world today, and some of the leading magazines and radio presenters in Europe, you just know that they have heard something very special. Ben Poole is currently being described as one the most exciting young rock, blues and soul artists to come out of the UK for a long time.


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