Belgian Rock Artist Shtevil // Talks Influences & Inspiration With Rock ‘N’ Load

Much revered Belgian rock artist SHTEVIL (  ) has released a stunning new track and video from his current EP, Thank You, which is out now. Hit up the new single and video for Stink, here – . Baring an assortment of expensive influences, we asked SHTEVIL to list his top tracks:

“X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons – Jungle

I don’t know how I stumbled across this song. I think I heard it on TV and shazamed it. It grabbed my attention instantly. It has the big CHORUS, huge beat, elements of old hiphop but still retained rootsy, rock influence. This song influenced the sound I wanted. I was figuring out how to get programmed beats and a hiphop vibe into old school rock without sounding like a mashup. This was the way.

DOROTHY – Gun In My Hand

I’ve always loved blues-rock or rock with a bluesy edge. But this song had a modern sound and took those blues elements and did something fresh with it. The production is very sparse and to the point that the vocal can shine. I love the delivery she has here! I kept that in mind whilst doing the production on the last EP. Take out noise to make the important lines pop out.

Grand Funk – Sin’s A Good Man’s Brother

What is there to say?  The intro, the sound of that guitar ripping through the speaker. And just when you thought, “this is cool…” Mark Farner comes belting in. Also the extreme panning of those downright filthy, fuzz guitars. This song always gets me going. It’s a vibe and raw excitement that is hard to find these days. I’m always looking to capture something like that.

Kanye West – New Slaves

That whole “Yeezus” just blew my mind. It was like he took all the rules and threw ‘em out. The way he constructs lyrics and can be very straight forward, but still keep it poetic. It’s rough and goes everywhere. Like when it cuts down the beat and starts something completely different, then makes it work because he went from dark sounding/aggressive to beautiful open lush gospel. The digital distortion makes it sound cool. It made me look at my own music in a completely different way.

The Black Crowes – Descending

I love all of their albums but the Amorica got me through some heavy stuff. I think we’ll never know what this song is exactly about. But for me it always was a man riddled with a lot of doubts. Falling down, trying to get back up again. Apologizing for what he is/was. It was perfect for that moment in my life. I loved how you can make the lyric your own. I try to do that a lot myself.

Lenny Kravitz – Let Love Rule

A classic. I’m a sucker for a catchy chorus with a simple strong message. Lenny is a master at doing that. Memorable hooks and a sound that’s his own. I love how he celebrates the chorus and lets the song build to this huge bombastic thing. I’ve always loved that buildup in songs. Like Elvis in “An American Trilogy” builds to this bombastic thing. It’s a recurring thing in my music too, and probably always will be.”

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