Belfast Based Shoegaze Band VIRGINS Drop Debut Track “Vows”

Virgins are a Belfast based shoegaze band comprised of Michael Smyth and Brook-Valentine Lorimer. Virgins were born after a lust to satiate a musical thirst. Michael is responsible for the instrumentation, song writing, the lyrics and melodies. Having known Brook from the hedonistic days of youth, a chance encounter brought them together again. Michael asked Brook to join the band on vocals and they now form the core of the band. 

Vows is an ethereal warning against being coerced into actions simply to appease the needs and wants of others, when these couldn’t be any further from your own desires. Like being warned in a weightless dream, through a haze of colour and smoke. Then trying to retain that knowledge when you awaken in your own hazy reality. Musically, the track is equally dense and beautiful, Guitars drenched in layers of fuzz and reverb dovetail between creating a dense melting wall of sound to beautiful bell like chimes. Brooks vocals are a whisper in your ear from a long forgotten ghost laden with regret, melancholia and a desire to return to a more innocent time. Jonny Woods of Wynona Bleach recorded and produced the track. Even joining the band on bass for the recording.

Vows is released on all digital platforms August 20th.

FFO: Slow Crush, Nothing, My Bloody Valentine, Whirr, Gleemer, Deaf Cult, Smashing Pumpkins, Narrow Head


Michael Smyth – drums, guitar

Brook-Valentine Lorimer – vocals

Jonny Woods – bass

Written by Michael Smyth

Art by Michael Smyth


Recorded, mixed and produced by Jonny Woods


Mastered by Jon Moorehead


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