Beleth // Silent Genesis // Album review


The debut album by Australian extreme metal band Beleth is about to create some disturbances across the soundscape.

Not feeling comfortable by sticking to one sub-genre, the band comprising of Chris Long and Sebastian Bentos-Pereira, are looking to build upon the impressive streaming stats of the intro/opening track from the album ’Thirteenth Spirit/Silent Genesis’ which saw over 1000 streams from across 30 countries on Spotify alone in the first month.

When you press play you will soon see why, as the heavy riff is met by pummeling drums and a gloriously abrasive vocal that ventures toward the guttural side of life. It doesn’t take long at all to realise that this is going to be a fun ride. As I pressed play, a small smile appeared as I realised that was not going to b a difficult album to listen to and review!

The grooves that run through the aggression are a lot of fun whilst also being heavy as fuck so you get a gurn on whist also a little head movement. The heavy aspects are truly powerful and damaging whilst the riffs are very Doom-like, especially on tracks such as ‘Black Speech.’ The fact that the band can create atmospheres around the songs also pays credit to how good the tracks are. The signs consume you and take you away with them, like being picked up by a mudslide.

Whilst the 8 tracks on the debut span roughly 29 minutes, the effect of the album lasts much longer, plus you will be constantly pressing play after each spin. The fact that the duo is happy to head in whichever musical direction they feel most appropriate has allowed them to make music that they believe in and feel, the result of which needs to be heard.

From the opening to the closing second, Silent Genesis is going to destroy and taint everything that it touches, yet it feels so good that you can’t help but be anything other than highly impressed. The blend of genres and free-flowing musical direction is refreshing whilst also very firmly in the Extreme music bracket. As far as debuts go, this is a very impressive one that is certain to spread the name of Beleth far and wide.

Ed Ford


Silent Genesis will be released on Friday, June 25th, with Wormholedeath, Narcoleptica Productions and Scorched Earth Records, as both CD and digital download.



  1. Thirteenth Spirit
  2. Silent Genesis
  3. Cries Of The Fatherless
  4. Heretic
  5. Black Speech
  6. First Born
  7. Beleth
  8. Denouement



Beleth // Silent Genesis // Album review
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