Beheaded - Only Death Can Save - You Album Review
Beheaded - Only Death Can Save - You Album Review10
Beheaded - Only Death Can Save - You Album Review10
Beheaded - Only Death Can Save - You Album Review10
Beheaded - Only Death Can Save - You Album Review10
Beheaded - Only Death Can Save - You Album Review10
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Maltese heavyweights were formed in 1991, taking influence from the European and US Death Metal scene, to create their demo Souldeadwhich was traded and posted through the mail to gain exposure in their quest to be heard. This hard work and self-promotion matched the high quality of work they produced as both European and Worldwide record deals followed. Now 6 official releases later and numerous high energy live performances pushing the boundaries even further whilst gaining numerous additional fans. Now the five piece bring us the follow up to the 2017 release Beast Incarnateas they look to use their aggressive Death Metal with some serious brutality as they explore the human mind when faced with their death.

The opening track ‘The Charlatan’s Enunciation’ is everything could ever wish from an opening track, setting the tone and pace out perfectly for what is to come, blending a high intensity with technical aspects and a punishing drum matched by a powerful yet lead vocal. Then we get to the blast beats that occasionally come to play just to batter you a little more. It’s a thing a beauty!

This onslaught continues as the melodies duel with the incredibly brutal drums, heavy riffs and aggressively dark vocal to create a blunt slab of Death Metal which is of a very high standard and fantastic to listen to.

The intensity throughout the 9 track release never lets up as the band truly express the deepest and darkest aspects of the human mind creating the anguish and anger that one would anticipate fearing as the time to leave this world approaches. The recording and mixing allows each aspect of the sound to be captured in a way that each band member truly adds their contribution for all to hear making it a lovely balanced sound that isn’t overly produced so maintains a gritty sound whilst beating you with this solid chunk of brutality.

If straight forward, unrelenting Death Metal is your thing, then is a must have. If you like some added brutality then this is also for you as Beheaded have pulled out all the stops for this first album on Agonia Records. This is one of the best albums Death metal albums I have heard this year and is certainly going to be toward the very top of many 2019 best of lists.


Ed Ford


Only Death Can Save You is released June 14th via Agonia Records


01. The Charlatan’s Enunciation
02. Evil Be To Him Who Evil Seeks
03. A Greater Terror
04. Unholy Man
05. Embrace Your Messiah
06. The Papist Devil
07. Gallows Walk
08. Only Death Can Save You
09. From The Fire Where It All Began



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