Beaux Gris Gris & The Apocalypse // Good Times End Times // Album Review


Beaux Gris Gris & The Apocalypse are back with their sophomore album which was released Friday past there courtesy of Grow Vision Music / Devil Hills Entertainment. 

The project is the mastermind of Greta Valenti and Robin Davey of Well Hung Heart and allows these crazy kids a redirection in their creativity that WHH doesn’t allow them to express. BGG is more of a Root’s music based project with the bands’ songwriting more of a Bluesy, Soulful singer-songwriter vibe that gives air to the artists to breathe. 

Originally recorded back in 2019 with big plans to hit the rd in 2020 the album for obvious reasons took a back seat and allowed the band to reassess and explore further the intricacies and nuances within its recording. What you get are eight beautifully composed tracks that allow you as the listener to soak up all that soulful goodness and let all your daily grind wash away. The eloquent ‘Bungalow Paradise’ is the perfect example of the soft delicate side of the band that wouldn’t have been seen via Well Hung Heart. Its charming melody and ethereal feel just absorbed you from start to finish, ‘Alone’ is in a similar vein as an easy free-flowing sonic earworm. 

Whilst the album overall is a more sedate affair than a Well Hung Heart recording, it doesn’t in any way lack the energy required to get your heart racing, the musicality and musicianship covers all the bases there with Greta’s killer vocals and Robin’s gnarly guitar work. 

All in all a beautiful album that should be on your radar, an uncovered gem of a band that offers mass appeal. 

Good Times End Times is out now via Grow Vision Music / Devil Hills Entertainment


   01_Fill Me Up 2:47
   02_Bungalow Paradise 3:39
   03_Alone 3:50
   04_Trouble Is Coming 6:00
   05_Is This The Blues 3:41
   06_Gris Gris 3:11
   07_Watching The World Fall Down 3:42
   08_Lucid 5:54



See the band’s website for full details and updates:


There are still a few UK Dates available so catch them while you can:

March 31: West End Center, Aldershot
April 01: Bluefunk, Manchester Rugby Club,
April 02: Blues At The Bay, Stockton On Tees SOLD OUT
April 03: Southgate Inn Devizes w Jon Amor

Instagram, Twitter & Tiktok: @BeauxGrisGris



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