Spoonfed on 90’s music, the Leuven, Belgium foursome BEATEN BY HIPPIES came of age during the first stoner wave. They each bring their own ingredients – a cup of 60–70’s hard rock, a pinch of 80’s glam and a zest of guilty pleasures. Come indulge in the feast that is this ferociously powerful live unit as they feed on the energy emanating from the crowd.
A few words from Tom Maene of Polderrecords:
“I have yet again some very exciting news to share. Here’s Beaten By Hippies, the best band Google never heard of! On this first album, with a sound that’s truly theirs, they prove that there’s more than meets the eye… Even though leather pants don’t look bad at all. Just listen to the blinding intensity of “Velvet Hills”, “Space Tail” or “Tomahawk”.“Blue Rose” will catch you off guard while a song like “Beaten By Hippies” gives meaning to their name. And if you want more? Well, there’s always “More Is More”! Bon Appétit!”

‘Beaten By Hippies’ Tracklist:

01. Velvet Hills
02. Space Tail
03. Blue Rose
04. Rock’n’Roll
05. Beaten By Hippies
06. Breathe Slow
07. More Is More
08. Dust
09. Cabron
10. Tomahawk

The album was produced by Jean Pol Van Ham at Magnet Records, engineered by Thomas Stadnicki and Mastered by Alan Ward at Electric City. All songs by Beaten By Hippies. Artwork Design & Concept by Wout Wouters and additional layout by Dries Hermans and Tom Maene.
Beaten By Hippies’ will be available May 18th from Polderrecords:


Limited edition Vinyl, CD, and Digital Pre-orders are open now.

Stéphane Legat
Christophe Collin
Bruno Jacobs
Stephane Verbeurgt

From Leuven, Belgium, Beaten By Hippies is a foursome of high volume, sledgehammer beats, screaming guitars infused with psychedelic flashes, and massive grooves. This ferocious and powerfully live unit will bring you blistering and energetic music, running from proggy leanings to stripped-down hard rock.

From psychedelic doom one moment to sweet and pastoral the next, Beaten By Hippies keep rock ‘n roll unpredictable, inspiring, dangerous, and constantly moving forward, as it should be. Who said Rock is dead?

Beaten By Hippies “Space Tail” track teaser – https://youtu.be/99vtjYe16yc
Beaten By Hippies’ will be available May 18th from Polderrecords.
Limited edition Vinyl, CD, and Digital Pre-orders open now:


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