EP Out June 5, 2020

(From L to R – Callum Litchfield, George Berry, Iain Gillespie, Nicholas Peters)

Bears in Trees are set to release their second EP ‘I Want To Feel Chaotic’ on June 5, 2020. Comprised of five tracks, their newest era is the rawest set of releases yet; dealing with a string of personal breakdowns, failed relationships, and funeral processions. Amongst all this, Bears in Trees are facing the chaos head-on, hidden behind a veneer of off-kilter lyrics and bop along melodies. This is music for introspective dancing.

Bears in Trees formed in a South London basement at the start of 2015. Created by four sixth form kids who never fit into the local music scene, Bears in Trees collated an eclectic pool of influences that never really felt cool; taking lyrical queues from the likes of mid-2000’s emo-pop and musical queues from the likes of happy-go-lucky indie rock. Unable to find a solid foothold in a scene dominated by bands who looked the part, Bears in Trees decided to wear their hearts (and music) on their sleeves by finding solace in music communities built around the internet. Their consistent (and often ridiculous) online presence has created a fanbase that began in the hundreds, moved to the thousands, and then onto tens of thousands; all while the band operated out of their South London basement.

Flash forward five years, and the band has crafted a growing following reminiscent of the bands that inspired them. Acting completely independently without a label or manager, Bears in Trees handle everything within themselves; creating a community built around their honesty and ability to interact with their fanbase. There’s a reason they’ve been able to build such a dedicated following under the radar; their lyrics range from the tribulations of working in a gay bar, to breaking your wrist trying to learn to skate, to dealing constructively with the loss of close friends.

Copies of the EP will be available to purchase at and will be available to stream via all major streaming platforms.


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