Barbarian Hermit // One // Album Review


Following up the 2018 album Solitude and Savagery with a reissue of their 2016 debut album One, Barbarian Hermit has included a 9 minute monster by the way of ‘Through The Periscope of the Deadly Sub’ and remastered the album in order for the Mancunians to increase the viscosity of the Sludge that is about to ooze through your speakers.

There is something that happens to the body when the combination of down-tuned fuzzy guitars is met by crashing drums and a croaky vocal and that something happens as soon as you press play. The stance gets a little wider, the bottom jaw protrudes a little and your hand begins to hold an imaginary ball as the doom effect kicks in.

Even with the fact that this is a reissue, the impact is no less and the remastering has not cleaned up as the deep and chunky riffs wash over you like crashing waves and with the pace changes brings a depth alteration, however that trudging is still present. The thumping drums provide the stomping pace as the crashing cymbals cut through the murkiness as the vocal provides a gravelly narrative. This all results in some barnstorming Sloom that is almost too good to believe.

As the album progresses, the impact doesn’t lessen as you become more and more impressed and taken along with Barbarian Hermit, until you suddenly find yourselves fully submerged in Sludgy brilliance. The underlying groove grabs your gut and doesn’t let go as the hefty chunks of riffage lowers the air guitar to below knee level and the feet get wider to allow some stability for the sound to crash over you. 

The additional track is a lovely extra that finishes off this crushing and raw album perfectly, not that is was lacking anything originally but it certainly leaves a mark!

One is a fantastic album that with the remaster and inclusion of ‘Through The Periscope Of The Deadly Sub’ smashes you in the face like a blunt slab of concrete and is an amazing of display of the filthy underground. Any fan of Sludge and Doom or just down-tuned music needs to listen to this and understand where the band started to see the progression but also I guarantee that you will be whisked away by the undercurrent.


Ed Ford


1.       Mermaid

2.       Tigerhorse

3.       Burn The Fire

4.       BEA

5.       Alma

6.       Widowmaker

7.       Through the Periscope of the Deadly Sub



Barbarian Hermit // One // Album Review
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