Banisher // Degrees of Isolation // Album Review

Formed in Poland in 2005, Banisher released its debut demo Sorrow of Death in the same year and 2006 saw the release of the EP Human Sacrifice. 2010 saw the release of the self-released debut album Slaughterhouse and in 2013 the band had a new line up and a new album. Scarcity saw a slight change in direction that went with the lineup and 2016 the third full-length Oniric Delusions was unleashed. 

Boasting a monstrous line up made up of members and ex-members of Decapitated, Belphegor, Vital Remain, Hate, Shodan and Redemptor, Banisher are not here to make up the numbers, they mean business and have returned is Degrees of Isolation to continue the punishing Death Metal that they are known for.

Blasting through the speakers first up sis ‘Actors & Accomplices’ a perfect welcome to anyone who is uneducated in Banisher with the unrelenting, face-smashing bluntness of the crazy drum work, the Technical aspects of the guitars and the gruff and aggressive vocal, it really is things that dreams are made of.

The feelings and emotions are already being transmitted perfectly into the eardrum and as the opener to the album closes, quickly compose yourself as the brutal punishment is about to recommence!

‘Devil in ISO-5’ hits you between the eyes with the subtlety of a high-speed train, and leaves you in about the same physical state. The constant abuse of the drum kit certainly gives the ears good testing and the guitars, whilst slightly more to the back of the sound mix, provide utter technical chaos in a beautiful fashion. The Technicality is one of a kind and the result is utterly devastating.

This 8 track juggernaut is certainly not for those of nervous disposition, or with possible heart issues, as the 41 minutes are non-stop beatings of the bluntest and most brutal fashion. What Banisher has managed to create here will set them well apart from the crowd and is probably their finest work as a group. 

Degrees of Isolation is one of the finest Extreme Death Metal albums you will hear. With its high-quality Tech-Death it really does stand out from the crowd and will smash through anything trying to get in its way. My advice would be to get good medical insurance as this will smash you to pieces. 

Degrees of Isolation will be released 29th February 2020 via Selfmadegod Records

Track List

  1. Actors and Accomplices
  2. Devil in ISO-5
  3. Extradition
  4. Illusory Enslavement 
  5. Sacred Rules
  6. Lockdown
  7. Apotheosis
  8. Echoes


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