Band Of Silver Grapples With Social Anxiety On New Single ‘Maybe Next Time’

Band Of Silver Grapple With Social Anxiety On New Single ‘Maybe Next Time’

Produced By Mike Green (Paramore, All Time Low)

” arena-worthy pop”- Substream

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Nashville’s Band Of Silver (made up of siblings Avery Silvernagel and her younger brothers Alex and Evan) has released a new single “Maybe Next Time.”

The band says, “”Maybe Next Time” is about the struggle of making friends. It’s about feeling alone while surrounded by people and the stress of sparking up a conversation. Even when you feel everything went well, you sometimes leave feeling just as lonely as when you came.”

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JUL 30 Nashville, TN – Hot Chicken Music Festival 2022 Tickets

Watch a lyric video for the trio’s previous single “Chasing A Stranger” here:

About Band Of Silver:

They may be a sibling trio out of Nashville, but there’s nothing country about Band of Silver. Specializing in addictive, arena-ready anthems that blur the lines between vintage rock, 80’s new wave, and modern pop, the breakout three-piece has built a reputation for explosive, electrifying performances that hint at everything from Def Leppard and Madonna to Weezer and Panic! At The Disco. It makes sense, then, that the band traded Music City for LA when it came time to record their upcoming singles, teaming with celebrated producer Mike Green (Paramore, All Time Low) to create a bold, brash sound that’s all their own.

“We’ve soft released stuff to our fans before, but this will be the first time anyone’s heard what we’re really capable of in the studio,” says singer Avery Silvernagel, who launched the project with her younger brothers (guitarist/singer Alex and drummer Evan) when she was just 19. “These songs are an introduction to who we really are as a band.”

Confident and self-assured, the new music showcases Band of Silver’s youthful exuberance, while at the same time reflecting the trio’s remarkable maturity and restraint. The songs tackle heartbreak and disappointment with hope and perseverance, offering up timely testaments to the power of faith and the unbreakable bonds of family. Avery’s voice is defiantly optimistic on the tunes, balancing beauty and strength in equal measure, and her brothers perform with similar nuance, mixing hard rock grit with glossy pop shine. The results are songs that refuse to give up, even when the going gets tough, gutsy, heartfelt music that insists on better days still to come.

“When you’re going through hard times, you’ve got to keep fighting,” says Avery. “We wrote these songs to remind ourselves of that as much as anyone else.”

While the Silvernagel siblings officially started Band of Silver in high school, their musical roots stretch back far deeper. As a youngster, Evan picked up the drums, while his brother Alex played any instrument he could get his hands on. Avery joined a little later, when she discovered a passion for singing during her teenage years, and the three quickly began writing original material and performing across the country.

“In the beginning, we’d write in the traditional Nashville way, where Alex would bring a guitar and I’d bring lyrics and we’d figure out how to put them together,” says Avery. “With these songs, we wanted to try something different, so we decided to travel to LA to work with some amazing writers like Mike Green and Mitch Marlow, and they really broadened our horizons.”

That ambitious sonic evolution is on full display with the band’s new music, which faces down darkness with light at every turn. The relentless “Always” pairs driving guitars with cinematic synthesizers in an ode to perseverance, while the effervescent “Hello Sunshine” celebrates the joy in silver linings, and the dreamy “Starry Eyed” promises that hope is out there if you’re willing to look for it. Even on more brooding tracks like the ominous “Undertow” and dance-floor ready “Closure,” the band always manages to locate a sense of freedom or escape, reaching out with comfort and companionship for anyone in need.

“At the end of the day, we just to want to energize people,” says Avery. “We want to inspire them to be hopeful, to believe in themselves and each other, because that’s what music has done for us.”


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