BaK - Flower - EP Review
BaK - Flower - EP Review7
BaK - Flower - EP Review7
BaK - Flower - EP Review7
BaK - Flower - EP Review7
BaK - Flower - EP Review7
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BaK have arrived on UK shores bringing with them their Middle Eastern infused Progressive Rock new EP Flower.

For those unaware of Middle Eastern infused Progressive Rock, by the bands own description it is “Like Tool doing a tribute to Disney’s Aladdin” that they have dubbed as ‘Ethno Prog’ which is unique and clever. The Australians are also multi award winners with their short films to accompany their songs.

The EP opens with ‘Too Soon’ which is a 6 minute introduction to the band which is full of Eastern soundsthat are intertwined with more traditional Rock and Metal instruments to provide a heavier aspect of the music. The riffs are intricate and blended perfectly as the haunting vocal melts over the music to create a hypnotic sound, and then the heavier aspect bursts on the scene to wake you up with a shock.

‘Life &Perception Pt.1 : Existence and Experience’ is track 2 and again spans over 6 minutes starting off slowly with a traditional Middle Eastern sound which is later joined by a vocal to match which again soothes and relaxes before the pace starts to pick up and the electric guitars start to kick in with their powerful chords, adding a weighty punch to the sound.

‘Life &Perception Pt.2 : Through Blind Eyes’ swiftly follows on, this continuation weighing in at a hefty 8 minutes and from the off the Prog influence is heard, starting off a harmonised vocal which is then joined with the heaviness of the Rock/Metal instruments. This continues throughout the track, with heavy riffs and toward the end the track gets quite aggressive, whilst still maintaining its Middle Eastern influence.

Wrapping up the EP is ‘Dasha Hara’ which length wise is the shortest at 4:45. We are transported back to the traditional sounds that are the main influence to this band the sound. With quick vocals over a steady back drop of Eastern instrumentation this track ring you back down gently after the impact of the 3rdtrack.

There is no denying that this EP is extremely unique and very intricate. It takes a broad mind to think up and construct such a blend of genres to create something that is not only listenable but also enjoyable. The theme of the music is strong and clear, whilst the Prog Rock enhances and diversifies further what is already a very impactive sound.


Ed Ford

Flower is released November 30th 2018 via Duff Records.

Track List

  1. Too Soon
  2. Life &Perception Pt.1 : Existence and Experience
  3. Life &Perception Pt.2 : Through Blind Eyes
  4. Dasha Hara



See the videos accompanying Flower EP here

Dasha Hara

Too Soon

Life and Perception Part 1 & 2

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