BAEST// Strangle Wire // Wardomized // Embrace Execution // Live Review // Voodoo Belfast

Voodoo Belfast you’re looking well! Thursday night 24 hours after Devin Townsend at The Olympia Theater in Dublin we find ourselves back at home, Voodoo Belfast for a serious night’s metal courtesy of four hefty, hefty hitters and it all gets underway with newcomers Embrace Execution. 

One of Belfast’s finest Hardcore collectives born in 2021 they hit the stage hard, like it fucking offended them! Right from the off they grabbed this set by the balls and punched the living shit out of them, an absolutely fucking savage performance from this quartet with vocalist being ripped up out of the crowd to interact, ragers going on down below it was absolutely fucking bedlam and I loved every second of it! Short and sweet set but a band you have to keep an eye out for! 

Wardomized are you next, Northern Ireland’s Hardcore/Grindcore collective that has a long-ass setlist in front of that disappears one by one as they set a blistering pace slicing their way through the tracks. A crazy-ass show, the guys offer a slamming set that leaves the voodoo faithful breathless and craving more. Banger after banger they knock them outta the park with chaos ensuing before them as the voodoo crowd gobble up each and every track they play. 

A short break before the mighty Strangle Wire takes to the stage, these guys pack one of the biggest punches in the local scene, devastating brutality that never fails to deliver. From the open ring track to their last you’ll never walk away from a Strangle Wire show feeling underwhelmed, more often than not battered and bruised. A beautiful balance of technical proficiency and savage riffage with a seriously tight backline means you get your money’s worth every time. #stranglewireforpresident 

To wrap things up and the reason we are all here of course are Danish Death Metal maestros Baest! This quintet is beyond brutal, a behemoth sounding force of harmonising guitar lines, gargantuan riffage and guttural vocals to melt the very faces off the voodoo faithful (thanks Andy) the floors are literally shaking below me as each and every thrash of the guitar and bass reverberate throughout. The guys are only a week or so into their tour but are fighting fit and ready to deliver a blistering show for the Belfast crowd, who obliges and lap up everything Baest throws at them, the headers at the front living their best lives and every thrash of those drum skins and slamming riff that leaves them breathless yet begging for more. 

One of the finest Danish exports the other one ☝️ Baest delivers a powerful performance worthy of your hard-earned money. Make sure you check out the bud socials and website for dates and ticket availability they are a band you do not want to miss! Technical proficiency all wrapped up in brutal death savagery whats not to love! 




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Big thanks to the guys at Live Free Tour Booking for another great show.

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