Bad Touch - Daxx & Roxxane - Aaron Buchanan and The Cult Classics - Leeds
Bad Touch - Daxx & Roxxane - Aaron Buchanan and The Cult Classics - Leeds
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While most of the country stands outside in the cold night to watch firework displays and
huddle round bonfires, we took an alternative night. In the warm and intimate venue at the
Wardrobe Leeds, a good old fashioned rock and roll night is happening.

Daxx & Roxxane are the first band on tonight’s line up and they are most certainly here for a
good time. From the start, this is a band who were born to perform. Their music is catchy and
their stage presence is completely captivating. Every member was clearly having a great
time playing and engaging with the audience. I’ve never seen a band personally approach an
audience and offer them shots of tequila but anything goes with these guys! As for
performing there was everything from leaning over the barriers backwards into the audience
to jumping over each over while continuously playing, they are a band you just can’t take
your eyes off and don’t want to! It’s already turning into a great Monday night show and is no
doubt only going to get better.

With Aaron Buchanan and The Cult Classics taking over next, I was most certainly right
about the night. Here are another band who are all about giving a killer performance. They
clearly love being up on stage and that reflects in the energy that they provide. Each and
every member of this band has sheer talent running through their veins and even though
Aaron’s name is on the tin, it’s the collective group that makes this band work. Aaron is
captivating as always with his stage presence and takes over the whole stage with his
signature strut and moves. He takes time in the middle of the set to engage with the crowd
and interact with them with his charisma that is absolutely unmatched. He becomes
everything a frontman should be with not only cheek and charm but an incredible voice and
energy to go with it. The Cult Classics take their own share in the limelight taking centre
stage and playing with style. But the highlight of this performance is the melody of classic
tracks from Iron Maiden to Black Sabbath and a bit of audience participation singing “My
Sharona”. This band gets better with not only each performance but with each passing
moment they are on stage.

Self-proclaimed “down and dirty rock n roll” is exactly what Bad Touch are. They bring back
good old fashioned rock with their bluesy sound. While they may be less energetic than their
opening acts, they still put on an outstanding show. Letting their music shine over theatrics
is something that works and is what makes these guys great to watch. That’s not to say that
these guys don’t put energy in their performance as hair flies back and forth all over the
stage. Stevie Westwood’s vocals tonight are on point and his performance draws you in.
Behind those vocals though is a frontman who has spent half the evening chatting to the
crowd and involving them in the show. He has this likeable charm that you can’t help but fall in
love with.
The set itself brings a blend of old and new tracks such as “Lift Your Head Up” and “Sharp
Dressed Man” but the primary focus is on their latest album Shake A Leg. But it’s the band’s
performance of “Take Your Time” that creates a beautiful moment, charged with
emotion. However, as soon as that moment is over its straight back into some heavy rock
and roll with Westwood jumping on the stage. The band are clearly having a blast on stage
as they joke around with the crowd and seemed to especially enjoy a bit of call and response
with the crowd for “My Mother Told Me” and this certainly seems to pump the crowd up. This
provides the perfect time for “Skyman” which blends seamlessly into “Still of The Night”. With
“Dressed To Kill” and “99%” saved for the encore, Bad Touch have provided Leeds tonight
with one hell of a show! If you came for a rock show then that’s exactly what these guys
gave. The whole night has been one of just great music that makes you want to dance and
gives you an all-round sense of just happiness.
If you haven’t caught this tour yet there’s still time and you certainly won’t be disappointed
with it!


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