Azziard // Liber Secondus Exégèse // Album Review

Initially, Azziard released 2 albums based on the First World War, however when the decision was made for the third album, Metempsychose, a change in the line-up was met with a new theme. Now the band decided to explore the human psyche, the deep and dark instincts of a human being along with the concept that every person has an evil side that is waiting to be released.

This third album led to Azziard touring with Marduk and Ragnarok throught the Viktoria European Tour in 2018 in the UK and Netherlands along with Watain, Aura Noir and Der Weg Einer Freiheit for  Tyrant Fest 2018. The band have also played stages at Hellfest 2014 and Triel Open Ai2 2014.

Liber Secondus – Exégèse is the second in the trilogy exploring this subject matter and the French Black Metal; band immediately tap into the more depressive aspects of the genre, with a slow tempo instrumental introduction to the album that starts off rather eerily and then begins to build into a more Black Metal sound and the pace begins to pick up nicely as we head into ‘Retrouvailles avec l’Âme’ where we hear the full force of this Black Metal wonder and it sounds incredible.

The power that is given off by the searing guitar tone is incredible and the clarity of the notes allows the sound to infiltrate your subconscious and become part of you. The drums also play a key part in the sound, not just making the beat but the crashes that are created along with the thumping allow this integral part to take center stage at times. The vocal is powerful and disturbing at the same time and this overall sound is as good as you will hear in Black Metal.

As the album progresses the combination of pure Black Metal meets Funeral Doom at times and gives something extra to contemplate and contend with as the music continues to worm itself into your brain and become one with it and it feels amazing.

This album is the finest offering of Black Metal that I have heard this year and is a genuine contender for Album Of The Year, it has everything that anyone could want from a Black Metal album and is utterly stunning. I am going to order it myself right now and I suggest you do the same.

Ed Ford


Liber Secondus – Exégèse will be released June 5th 2020 on Malpermesita Records


Track List

1. Seven Sermons to the Dead 

2. Retrouvailles avec l’Âme 

3. The Three prophecies 

4. Incantation 

5. The Scarlet Man 

6. Images of the Wanderer 

7. Le Chemin de Croix 8. The Desert





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