Award-winning Rock Act Follow No One has released their first track of 2020, We All Drink Alone.

We All Drink Alone
SAUSALITO, CA (April 15, 2020) — When the Rocking Duo first crafted this beauty, they had no idea the environment that would await the release of their latest rocker would be that of a worldwide pandemic.

The song’s tone and lyrics seem to fit the current situation inexplicably. As usual, the boys are not afraid to cross the boundaries within the active rock genre. This is evidenced in some brilliant guitar work by Pedro Murino Almeida, bringing in elements of funk to drive the verses, heavy rock guitars in the choruses and a guitar solo that would have Steve Vai’s nodding approval.

Vocalist Rich Hall brings his usual lyrical craftiness denoted by a memorable chorus,

“You sang ‘til the morning now you’re singing by yourself. The fat lady’s already played and she left with someone else…” As you’ll find in the conclusion of the catchy chorus is the song’s title, We All Drink Alone. This is a definite sign of the times with the Corona Virus Pandemic causing the planet to be on lockdown.

Follow No One’s latest release adds to their list of critically acclaimed singles that have rocked the fans and radio airplay charts.

“There’s new music in the works with a couple surprises. That’s all I’m sayin.”, quipped Hall when asked about what else to expect in 2020 from the Duo. 

“Their name might say ‘Follow No One’ but you might want to actually follow these rockers” – Get Some Magazine

“…each song is meticulously crafted, with passionate lyrics, intricate melodies and stellar guitar work” – Travel Weekly

About Pedro: Pedro is a native of Portugal with roots in Brazil. He is classically trained in Composition at the University of U.K. Sheffield & a Guitar Virtuoso in his own right. His work has been featured in Film & Video, as well as a successful career involving his own musical acts.

About Rich: Rich is an American Born Singer/Songwriter & Multi-Musician. He began performing at a young age in theater, but found his true calling in Performing & Writing Music. Rich started Performing Live at 13 and has never looked back, recording his first Album at 15. Rich’s Powerful and Melodic Vocals supply a great contrast to Pedro’s phenomenal guitar work.

Their dynamic style of rock music is influenced by such giants as Dream Theater, Ozzy, Rainbow and The Beatles. International duo Follow No One has been channeling the best of rock’s past and present creative elements since their 2017 debut EP, “5.” Fans have been drawn to both the jaw-dropping guitar work of Portuguese native Pedro Murino Almeida and the powerful, melodic vocals of American-born Rich Hall. The pair’s distinctive new brand of rock was recently rewarded with one of indie music’s most sought-after and revered honors from the World’s Largest Independent Music Awards, the Josie Music Awards (JMA).


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