Avatar // Hunter Gatherer // Album Review

The elaborate Swedes formed before they were all aged 20 and in 2006 they released their debut, self-financed album Thoughts of No Tomorrow and then the follow-up Schlacht was released in 2007, an album that broke into the Swedish Top 30 album charts. Their self-titled third album hit the shelves in 2009 and a slight change in the bands line up came before the release of Black Waltz in 2012 and then the 2014 release of Hail The Apocalypse before 2018 saw Avatar Country unleashed on the world.

Now is the time for the five-piece band to delve further into the theatrical and darkening realms of possibility, something that is clear from the opening of the album with ‘Silence in the Age of Apes’ as the pummeling of the drums leads the march and the guitars create some stunning riffs, that you can only imagine getting some serious movement on the floor when played live. It certainly has the feeling of a modern anthem.

As ’Colossus’ hits the speakers there is the sound of the “God of Fuck” as we mix things up a little and slow it down some, but the feeling is that this is really a track that is as big as the name suggests. The guitar just grabs you and moves you and the stripped back music as through the verse leads to a chant-along chorus, another certain to be a live favorite.

As the album continues through its 10 tracks, spanning over 45 minutes, you find yourself thinking about how good each one would sound live and suddenly realize that the whole album is full of cracking tracks that can only be even better on the stage, with the band’s production and flamboyance – this may just be the album that really gets Avatar to the very top.

Hunter-Gatherer is fun whilst being dark and aggressive along as theatrical and can only increase the stock of the band. It would appear that all the hard work the band has put in with albums and touring is really paying off and hopefully they will start to get the correct amount of recognition that they deserve.

Ed Ford


Hunter-Gatherer is released on August 7th 2020 via Century Media.


Track List

1. Silence in the Age of Apes

2. Colossus

3. A Secret Door

4. God of Sick Dreams

5. Scream Until You Wake

6. Child

7. Justice

8. Gun

9. When All But Force Has Failed

10. Wormhole









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