Australia’s Greystone Canyon premier new video for “In These Shoes”. Taken from the debut album “While the Wheels Still Turn” see below links to purchase and stream.

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Rock ‘N’ Load LOVED this album here’s what we said: 

What just happened? Was it all a dream? No malady, Greystone Canyon just rolled through like a steam train with their old school charm and mind-blowing songs and OMG could it be love? If old school Thrash and Metal like the best of the best from the heyday of the ’80s and ’90s are your thing, you could fall in love too.

Greystone Canyon has arrived with their debut album, While the Wheels Still Turn, and it is a beauty. A flawless homage to the bands which preceded them and inspired them, this glorious collection of kick ass tracks just teases the senses and reels you in track by track. Mammoth hooks fused with technical brilliance and that old school charm just work so goddamn well, perfectly executed and tasty like momma’s home cooking – what’s not to love?

While the Wheels Still Turn ticks all the boxes, not quite Thrash, not quite all-out Metal, but just naughty enough to make you blush.

Love you, call me.

While the Wheels Still Turn is out now via Rockshots Records.

Track Listing


  1. ‘Keeping Company with the Dead’ (0:45)
  2. ‘Astral Plane’ (4:13)
  3. ‘In These Shoes’ (4:54)
  4. ‘Cinco Cuerda Bandito’ (1:36)
  5. ‘Take Us All’ (5:11)
  6. ‘Sombrero Serenade’ (1:25)
  7. ‘River of Fire’ (4:35)
  8. ‘Path We Stray’ (4:41)
  9. ‘The Sun Sets’ (6:17)


Band Line Up:

Darren Cherry – Vocals / Guitars

Richard Vella – Guitars

Dave Poulter – Bass

Luke Wilson – Drums


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