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Night Echoes – Out 9th August 2019

‘We Will’ single – Out Now

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“Hemina should be a household name when it comes to discussing the Progressive Metal giants in the genre today.”
– Metal Temple

“It is the complete package: an anomaly in the sometimes stale world of progressive metal.  Hemina know how to mix things around a bit and how to transition breathlessly from hefty portions to quiet pastoral musings.”
– The Prog Mind

“Australia is home base to many highly talented/innovative progressive groups, and you can surely add Hemina to that impressive list.”
– Sea of Tranquility

“With each release, Hemina continue to top themselves in every way. Whether it is by incorporating new styles into their musical influences, improving their already stellar musicianship and songwriting, [or] creating classy, sophisticated, yet memorable melodies both musically and vocally.”
–  Lady Obscure



‘Night Echoes’ – Track List

The Only Way
What’s The Catch
We Will
One Short
Everything Unsaid
In Technicolour


Australian progressive metal quartet Hemina have announced further details of their upcoming fourth studio album ‘Night Echoes’, which will release in full on 9th August 2019. Along with unveiling the album’s artwork and full track list, Hemina have also made ‘Night Echoes’ available to pre-order on BandCamp. 

Hemina’s fourth studio release will provide the latest instalment in an extensive, episodic concept arc that has unravelled across the band’s previous studio albums; Synthetic (2011), Nebulae (2014) and Venus (2016). Though each album tells a story in it’s own right, a far more expansive tale of love, loss and deep emotional struggle lies in-between the lines of each song’s lyrical content. The band recently released the first taste of their upcoming studio album in the form of the “VHS retro”, 80s-inspired video single ‘We Will’.




The concept of ‘Night Echoes’ reintroduces the son born to the protagonist of their 2011 debut ‘Synthetic’, following the son’s journey approximately 10 years after his father’s suicide. Despite his best efforts, the central character of ‘Night Echoes’ appears to be retreading the emotional footsteps of his deceased father, fumbling to keep hold of the shattered pieces of a life that has been made for him against his will.

On the impending release of their upcoming album, band vocalist and guitarist Mitch Coull expresses a level of excitement felt across each Hemina’s four members:

“You could say this album is a decade in the making; A culmination of all our efforts, both individually and collectively. The song writing, the hours of practise to develop techniques that would lead to particular riffs, lead passages or chord progressions,the rhythms and harmonies we’ve crafted over the past decade have all led to this one moment in time…which is the release of  ‘Night Echoes’.”

“Although this album is very Hemina, we are treading new waters adding new elements to our sound,”Mitch continues, explaining the musical content fans and newcomers can expect from the band’s fourth release. “80’s synth soundscapes, 90’s soul and pop… we’ve added so much, while keeping close to our fundamental sound – grooving metal with monster melodies, harmonies and syncopated riffage. It’s somewhat a departure from ‘Venus’, but at the very essence of it all, the grooving, prog-metal heart is still beating underneath. I can’t wait for this album to infect the ears of our fans and the public. I am proud of the achievements we have made as a band and I’m humbled by the journey that has lead us here.”


You can purchase and stream Hemina’s previous studio albums via iTunes and Spotify. ‘Night Echoes’ is available to pre-order now on BandCamp.


Hemina are a 4 piece Progressive Metal band from Sydney, Australia. The band’s sound has been described as a unique combination of hard hitting syncopated grooves, lush synth backwashes, multi-part vocal harmonies, blistering memorable leads with a focus on songwriting and emotion.

The band have supported international bands Uriah Heep, Kamelot, Apocalyptica, Queensryche and are opening for Haken on the Sydney leg of their Vector world tour. They have shared the stage with Aussie legends Caligula’s Horse, Chaos Divine, Voyager, Twelve Foot Ninja, Divine Ascension, Breaking Orbit among many others and simply live for the stage.

Hemina’s first three albums ‘Synthetic’, ‘Nebulae’ and ‘Venus’ were met with critical acclaim traversing many different sides of the band’s sonic spectrum from the complex and dark, to the immediate and uplifting. The release of ‘Venus’ saw Hemina taking their music overseas culminating in performances at Progpower Europe (Netherlands) and Euroblast (Germany).

Throughout the course of their first three albums, Hemina introduced a variety of significant, yet nameless characters.The central figure of ‘Synthetic’ was a boy who grew up in an insular conservative family, without the freedoms and expanses of childhood. His life sparked as the result of criminal rape, a fact he was never allowed to forget as he struggled with the emotional weight of this knowledge. Ultimately, he took his own life a short number of years after settling down with a wife and son; his vague attempt at building the family unit he never had.

Tied to the story of all three previous albums, Hemina’s ‘Night Echoes’ is their most collaborative work to date, offering the eclectic flavours of what fans have come to expect in the past as well as a new palette and range of emotional expression never before heard from the group. ‘Night Echoes’ is Hemina at their most emotional and melodic without ignoring the aggressive and venomous side that keeps the music in balance. With a powerful modern production and mix crafted by Skene at Ploughman Studios with audiophile mastering from Ermin Hamidovic at Systematic Productions (Periphery, Devin Townsend, Plini, Architects) – their upcoming studio album shows Hemina at their best yet.

Douglas Skene – Vocals, Guitars and Keyboards
Mitch Coull – Guitars and Vocals
Jessica Martin – Bass and Vocals
Nathan McMahon – Drums, Percussion and Vocals


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