Atticus Chimps Release Single ‘Illusion’ 
Ahead Of Their EP 
Sharp songwriting, righteous riff-work and an awe-inspiring alt-rock edge.” (Happy Music Mag)
“Lead, Pretend, their latest, is a heavy-hitting, bleeding prometheus of ’90s punk and alt-rock.” (AAA Backstage)
“‘Bee Stung Lips’ boldly takes the band forward, building impressively upon their grungy, heavy rocking template with a rousing, riff driven belter that brings to mind the best of the 90’s grunge-explosion era.” (Blank GC)
“Atticus Chimps demonstrate the development the band has undergone with trying to meld punk, grunge and funk into a cohesive and unique style.” (Scenestr)
“Atticus Chimps have engaged with veracity on their new adrenaline-laced
track ‘Lead, Pretend’.” (The Soundcheck)

Gold Coast alt-rock/ grunge trio, Atticus Chimps have continued to pump out veracious, heavy-hitters one after another this year. Now the band are dropping their next number, ‘Illusion’ [listen here | download hereahead of the release of their highly-anticipated EP that has been in the works for since their debut EP that was released in 2016.

The band kicked 2018 off with their bold and explosive single ‘Bee Stung Lips’ which was released in May which they then followed that up recently in July with the adrenaline pumping ‘Lead, Pretend’. Knowing that they were working towards this EP release, they kept some killer content up their sleeve in the form of ‘Illusion’.

‘Illusion’ explores the nature of growing old, becoming self-aware, and watching time slip by as relationships change and sometimes disappear.

In the Atticus Chimps alt-rock style, there are melancholic verses with clean picked guitar parts with heavy chorus effects – that’s so familiar to anyone from the 90’s grunge rock era – that has Sam Bray pensively singing over.

With the inevitable build in the pre-chorus, the band burst out in the emotionally stirring choruses that yield the power to not only help delve deeper into despondency but to fight it. It is the type of chorus that leaves an emotional stamp, and when listened to again reproduces it.

To write a rock song about disheartenment, sorrow and pain is one thing. To be able to enter the studio, capture those feelings, and then be able to make the listener feel those emotions is where the true art in rock music lies – Atticus Chimps pack a punch of emotion in this one.

Atticus Chimp’s new EP will be released in late October (official release date TBA).

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