Atræ Bilis // Divinihility // Album Review
Atræ Bilis // Divinihility // Album Review9
Atræ Bilis // Divinihility // Album Review9
Atræ Bilis // Divinihility // Album Review9
Atræ Bilis // Divinihility // Album Review9
Atræ Bilis // Divinihility // Album Review9
9Overall Score
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From Vancouver, British Columbia, this release is the debut album from the Death Metal band and is here to make some waves but potentially in the most unconventional way possible as they look to blend Tech Death, Brutal Death, Dissonant Death, and Dark Death into something that smashes down the barriers between genres.

The opening track will give you an idea of what may be coming as Technical Death Metal guitars are met with Brutal sounding drums and then as this intro ends and the vocal joins the mix at the start of ‘Sulphur Curtain’ the real brutality begins and the genres really begin to blend and start with the mind fuckery. Please do not expect to be able to predict what might come next as I can guarantee that it is not what happens.

This cleverly constructed structure continues to blow minds as the 6 tracks progress through their 22 minutes and the fact that the changing forms not only works but works very well is near as mind-blowing as how good the reality sounds. I have listened to the album quite a few times now and am still trying to work out how Atræ Bilis have managed to pull the best parts from each aspect of the respective genres and blend them all together to create something that is as brutal as it is whilst including all the other aspects.

In many ways, the album passes too swiftly as you just start to settle down and accept that there is pretty much no way to figure this complex equation out and then the album starts again so you try and work it out all over again!

The Canadian have created a genuine masterpiece that is as chaotic as it is high-level functioning and is as brutal as it is intricate, making it unpredictably brilliant and highly entertaining. The way it has been constructed is beyond me, however the level of quality that just oozes out of the release is second to none.

Divinihility is a must-hear for fans of anything Brutal or Technical and shrouded in darkness and has to be heard to be believed. Simply get the album, press play, and be amazed.


Ed Ford


Divinihility is released Friday, August 14th via Transcending Obscurity Records


Track List

  1. Gnode
  2. Sulphur Curtain
  3. Phantom Veins Trumpet
  4. Ectopian
  5. Upon the Shoulders of Havayoth
  6. A Ceremony of Sectioning




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