“With the airy, soulful melodicism of the vocals echoing spaciously over the molasses riffery, one might hear them at first as spiritual successors to the defunct Uzala, but the turns… widen this impression with rhythmic stops drawn from the post-YOB sphere of cosmic doom and Mike Scheidt‘s particular style of angularity.” – The Obelisk


Riding the momentum of the past several years, spellbinding San Francisco doom trio BRUME are preparing to release their new album, Rabbits, coming November 22nd from Magnetic Eye Records.  Their first for the label, it follows the band’s critically-acclaimed Donkey and Rooster releases, as well as their split with Seattle’s Witch Ripper earlier this year, indicating that BRUME are pushing forward as fast as their creativity allows.

Sabbathian sensibility is a must for any band worth their weight in doom, but when combined with a strong penchant for acts like Portishead and Bjork, BRUME are a graceful leader among the skull-crushing pack.

In 2014, they made their mark with debut EP Donkey, a sorrowful slow-burner drenched in reverb and wrought with patient mourning.  Rooster saw them plunge deeper into the study of duality between harsh distortion and the soaring refrains of frontwoman Susie McMullan’s stunning vocals. “Our music is non-fiction; a time stamped truth,” she said, but the band’s creative drive contains a timelessness not quickly forgotten among the sea of contenders in doom metal.

Growth is no stranger to the band, as noted by The Ripple Effect, who in 2018 named Rooster Album of the Year, calling it “plainly and simply a giant leap forward.”

New album Rabbits continues this theme, exposing a tight-knit crew at their most creatively expansive who’ve erected a monumental piece to capture and soothe the mind during this tumultuous cultural era. Tracks like “Lament” showcase a masterful grasp on tension-building and release; it’s a hypnotic lullaby and explosion in one, stretched over a singular sonic experience.

BRUME have absorbed the experience of playing prestigious stages at Desertfest London and opening for High On Fire in Europe, and are now ready to take on a bigger role than ever in the heavy underground with the release of Rabbits.

“Brume manage to take their doom metal core and lavish luscious melodies and mood-building atmosphere onto it as if they’ve been doing it all of their lives. They then add to all of this with their own distinct personality, crafting material that has both style and depth.” – Wonderbox Metal
“Like an avalanche of anvils, there is considerable interplay between the loud and gentle parts… BRUME is a good example that less is much more, and that there’s nothing that technicality can do that couldn’t be achieved with good songwriting.” – Metal Temple

Jamie McCathie – Guitar
Susie McMullan – Vox/Bass
Jordan Perkins-Lewis – Drums

Rabbits will be released on digital, CD and LP from Magnetic Eye Records on November 22nd.

BRUME is available for interviews by email, phone, and in person on tour.  Email [email protected] to make arrangements and to request press access.

Brume Socials:
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/brumeband
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/brumeband/
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJL1dn5FM6iTHeFXlNAiHGw

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