AT THE MOVIES // The Soundtrack Of Your Life – Vol. 1 // (Re-Release)// Album Review


If there are two things that we ever-arguing humans seem to agree on, it’s movies and music. A close inspection of all those iconic, generation-defining, mind-blowing flicks of the ’80s and ’90s reveal that it’s the very amalgamation of the two that does the trick: there’s no blockbuster from that era that doesn’t have an equally legendary theme song or soundtrack.

Explosive all-star assembly AT THE MOVIES is fully aware of this. On their rocking and blockbusting cinematic spectaculars »The Soundtrack Of Your Life – Vol. 1 & 2«, the supergroup led by Chris Laney (PRETTY MAIDS) turn some of the most memorable and quintessential film songs of the ’80s and ’90s into leather jacket-wearing, hard-rocking, entertaining versions you most certainly haven’t heard before nor ever expected to do so.

Grab your popcorn, take a seat: we’re at the movies, the lights go down and the show is about to begin.

With »Volume 1« the LP focuses on the ’80s, AT THE MOVIES. The supergroup consisting of: 

Björn “Speed” Strid | vocals,  Linnéa Vikström Egg | vocals,  Chris Laney | guitars,  Morten Sandager | keyboards,  Allan Sørensen | drums,  Pontus Egberg | bass,  Pontus Norgren | guitars

…offer their wildly entertaining and uplifting take on classics like ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’ (from »St. Elmo’s Fire«), ‘We Don’t Need Another Hero’ (from »Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome«), ‘The Power Of Love’ (from »Back To The Future«) or ‘The Neverending Story’ (from »The Neverending Story«). 

This LP is neither groundbreaking or earth-shattering it is simply a fantastic set of Movie covers put together by a great sounding band. It has you instantly tapping your feet, nodding your head and singing along. Yes you guessed it .. great driving music that will not offend any of your passengers and may even have them join in with you. Yes, it’s been around for over 12 months now but this re-release together with Vol 2 ’90s is definitely worth returning to more than once. If you love your movie soundtracks, 80’s classic tunes or just great sounding melodic rock, then I can heartily recommend you give this LP a spin you will not regret it

….and that’s a promise …..!!!


Mark Ellis



  1. Intro
    02. No Easy Way Out
    03. Maniac
    04. St. Elmo’s Fire
    05. A View To A Kill
    06. (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life
    07. Wouldn’t It Be Good
    08. We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome) 09. The Power Of Love
    10. The Heat Is On
    11. The Neverending Story
    12. Far From Over
    13. Last Christmas (Bonus Track)



Björn “Speed” Strid | vocals

Linnéa Vikström Egg | vocals

Chris Laney | guitars

Morten Sandager | keyboards

Allan Sørensen | drums

Pontus Egberg | bass

Pontus Norgren | guitars |


AT THE MOVIES // The Soundtrack Of Your Life – Vol. 1 // (Re-Release)// Album Review
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