US black metal now has an indelible mark on the map.

June 15 sees the release of HOTH’s new album, ASTRAL NECROMANCY; the long-awaited follow-up to the acclaimed 2014 release OATHBREAKER.

Fans of the likes of Dissection, Immortal and Thulcandra should take serious note.  The culmination of three years of hard work has finally arrived.

“We wanted every piece of the album to match our vision of vile sorcery so powerful and terrifying it could reshape the cosmos.” – HOTH

“VENGEANCE” – from the new album, ASTRAL NECROMANCY.

“Hoth creates their own voice and style.  Period.  They really present a modern form of black metal meanwhile staying true to their blackened roots.”

Astral Necromancy is a collection of black magic rituals and unholy spells that weave a tale of forbidden knowledge and spiritual transcendence.
This is a concept album – but one of a somewhat different sort.
There are no paths. There is no light and no hope – just an exploration of cosmic mysteries and black magic – a journey in infinite directions.

It is a concept album in the sense that there is a common thread through each of the songs that bind them together as each individually explores an aspect of this darkness.
The eleven tracks on the album explore themes ranging from corruption of the self to what lies at the end of all time; from journeys through frostbitten wastelands to the acquisition of forbidden knowledge, and more.

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