Asphyx // Necroceros // Album Review


Since Asphyx’s formation in 1987, they have been through a slew of line up changes, breakups & sadly the death of a member.

Currently, in 2021, no original members are left. But this shouldn’t put you off.

Necroceros shows that Asphyx, in whatever form it may be, is still one of the titans of the ODSM sound.

“Deathhammer” & “Incoming Death,” the last 2 albums after Asphyx’s return to the studio, showed that they are able to hone the style they help create while also adding something different to their already amazing catalogue.

“Necroceros” isn’t just a straight-up death metal record. Asphyx is able to blur the line between death metal & doom. Where in past albums they have touched more on the strict death metal style, with “Necroceros” the band make some of the best tracks in the band’s history.

Tracks like “Knights Templar Stand”, “Botox Implosion” & “The Nameless Elite” were all tracks released as singles, but each of these tracks is some of the catchiest tracks Asphyx has written in their discography.

“The Nameless Elite” being a more strip backed track (very reminiscent of classic bolt thrower) is still heavy as hell, but it doesn’t need the furiosity other tracks do. This is a headbanger, full of groove & my favourite track on the album.

Where “Botox Implosion,” on the other hand, is the opposite; it’s fast, unrelenting & is the staple of Asphyx’s sound.

Clocking in around 50 minutes, this album does not outstay its welcome.

It’s a great slab of old school death metal that incorporates all the best parts of the death-doom genre.

One of the best parts of the album is its second half, where some bands front load an album with “singles” or the “hits”, “Necroceros” start to finish is a great ride. A great mix of fast-paced tracks interlaced with the doomer slower tracks.

The album takes you on a great rollercoaster journey, which, for me, is what makes a great album; if you start to lose interest in the latter half of an album it’s bad news. But i’m happy to say there is none of that here.

Even though, as stated before, there are no original members of the band left (bar Martin van Drunen who has now been in the band for the longest period) the current line up works so well together.

Paul Baayens is now the sole guitarist, but that doesn’t show on the riff side of the album. Paul is able to curate some of the catchiest tracks the band has produced. Where I am normally not a fan of single guitarist bands live but love them on record (due to multi-tracked guitars) Paul Baayens has been able to write tracks that work well with just single guitar. There is no flashy guitar here, just straight-up great pummeling riffs!

One of the other standouts of the album is Stefan “Husky” Hüskens drum work. Where it isn’t as flashy as some other death metal drummers, Stefan is a solid & precise craftsman.

The rhythm section of the band is flawless. When it comes to this style of death metal, you don’t need to over complicate things, and Stefan does this so well. He gets the job done and does it the right way.

Anyone who is a veteran to the death-doom scene will love this record, but I also think for anyone who is new to the scene & has recently enjoyed the new wave of ODSM revival, this is an album for you.

Joseph Mitchell

Necroceros is out 22nd January 2021 via Century Media Records

Asphyx is also holding a live stream for the Release of the album.

Check Asphyx’s Facebook page for more info.


1. The Sole Cure is Death

2. Molten Black Earth

3. Mount Skull

4. Knights Templar Stand

5. Three Years of Famine

6. Botox Implosion

7. In Blazing Oceans

8. The Nameless Elite

9. Yield or Die

10. Necroceros


Martin van Drunen – Vocals

Paul Baayens – Guitars

Alwin Zuur – Bass

Stefan “Husky” Hüskens – Drums

Asphyx // Necroceros // Album Review
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