Ascending rock crew ALTER THE SKY (   )are set to drop their new single, Sanctuary, this Friday. The band pull from Black Stone Cherry, Alter Bridge, and The Wildhearts. With that in mind, we asked the UK Rockers fro their top six favourite track:

“The Wildhearts – Everlone

The Wildhearts have been a massive part of both Kev and Gal’s guitar sound. Their song structures, riffs and melodies are anthemic and we try to add a touch of this in the AtS sound. We also love that this band are still going decades later, although they are not unbelievably famous. ‘Everlone’ combines massive riffs with a softer middle 8 section that builds up into a fantastic outro. The song has memorable vocal hooks which underpins their sound.

Therapy? –  Screamager

Therapy’s sound from the mid 90’s is a perfect fusion of metal and pop with infectious melodies combining with razor-like power chords and huge sounds. As a budding guitarist, Gal found it almost irresistible to start playing along with the tracks from 1994’s Troublegum and a lot ended up rubbing off and sticking over the years! Screamager is a simple combination of guitar chugs, riffs and hooks that’s much bigger than the sum of its parts and shows how effective they can be in creating a classic track!

Iron Maiden – The Clansman

Iron Maiden’s performance has influenced our stage show and the energy we like to bring to every show. When Matt saw this video as a teenager he was blown away by the performance with them all running around like lunatics. This has definitely influenced his live performance and the majority of us in the band.

Nickelback – Animals

We know, this band is normally seen is a poor light, but this song had been very influenced from a drumming point of view. Nickelback’s drummer, Daniel Adair, has a great way of combining drummer suitable to hard rock but mixing in much heavier elements. With our drummer coming from a very heavy metal background, he’s found Daniel’s drumming to be a great help in finding ways to express his love of metal and rock without the drums taking over the song. We also dare you to play this song to someone without telling them who it is, and watch their face enjoy the song until they realise it’s the forbidden fruit of Nickelback.

Outright Resistance – Parthenocarpy

This song has also been influential, but this is for our drummer as he is in Outright Resistance. They recorded the album with Justin Paul Hill (ex-Sikth) who challenged him during the recording process to use a type of drum fill called ‘linear fills’. Without this experience he wouldn’t have come across that type of drumming, which would’ve changed the drumming dynamic of our single ‘Sanctuary’ as this kind of fill is used within the song.

Alter Bridge – Broken Wings

The range, power and melody of Myles Kennedy’s vocals have been a huge inspiration for Hels. She loves the pairing of the catchy melodic vocal hooks with Tremonti’s heavy guitar sound. This particular song really does have everything. Crisp clean, deep melodic tones in the verses and a HUGE anthemic chorus. The down tuned guitars mixed with the clean tones gives this track a totally different feel.. its clean and melodic but every bit metal at the same time. Myles Kennedy’s voice is perfect for a ‘ballad’ of this nature and Mark Tremonti is just in another league with his song writing. The band really have such diversity which is in our opinion why they are as successful as they are.”

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