As Time Fades Show Elder Emo Influence on New Single “Hollow”

As Time Fades Show Elder Emo Influence on New Single “Hollow”

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Cleveland pop punk band As Time Fades is back with another single from their upcoming sophomore EP Trust Fall. The new track “Hollow” taps into the band’s love for the 2000’s elder emo era of bands like Mayday Parade and follows up the recent single “Marionette.”

Trust Fall was a collaborative effort with production by Scooter Fort (Rewire Recording Studios), mixing & mastering by Seb Barlow (Neck Deep), and artwork by Alduane Maño.

This song is a bit more open-ended,” says vocalist/guitarist Dan Dunlap. “It deals with the emptiness you feel when you put all of yourself into something/someone and nothing good has come of it. This realization can really make you feel numb and stop you from trying to invest in your interests again. Seb and Scooter really helped us flesh this out by adding small elements that gave this track the final boost it needed.

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CREDIT: Vince Lundi

As Time Fades is built on catchy lyrics and hooky guitar patterns, all tied together with punchy bass and drums. The band released two singles, “Summer for Months” (2016) and “Blessing and a Curse” (2017) while polishing their sound before coming into their own with the release of their debut EP, Growing Season (2018). The EP is a mosaic of lost love, anger at injustice, expressions of love, feeling like a burden, and finding one’s self worth. The band followed up their debut EP with an energetic single titled “This Isn’t What I Paid For” (2018), which explores the strained relationship of friends who are growing apart as they mature.

During this “off-season”, the band have matured in their approach to songwriting and illustrating a story through their lyrical content. This newfound growth will be on full display in their sophomore EP, Trust Fall, set for release on July 16th. The EP is full of soaring choruses, driving riffs, and introspective lyrics. It’s time for the band to take a trust fall as they continue the work to establish themselves in the strong scene of DIY pop punk and emo music.

Listen to the single “Hollow” now on Spotify.

Hollow - Single Art

LISTEN NOW ON SPOTIFY (artwork by: Alduane Maño)