AS IT IS announce ‘The Great Depression Tour’
Following their headline performances on the Signature Brew stage at the Slam Dunk Festivals over the weekend, Brighton quartet, As It Is, have announced ‘The Great Depression Tour’, with UK headline dates at the end of November, culminating in the band’s biggest headline show to date in London on December 1st at The o2 Forum Kentish Town. 

Speaking of the tour, guitarist Benjamin Langford-Biss says, “Since the incredible response to The Wounded World we are unbelievably excited to play a ton of new songs in the big rooms that they deserve to be played in. Hearing people connect to the themes of the single and the record makes us so eager to hear rooms of a couple of thousand people screaming the words back. We can’t wait to see that human connection and bring people together in a positive way, even just for one night. These are the biggest headline shows we’ve ever done and you best believe we’re going to make them very, very special.”

Support on all shows comes from Trash Boat, Holding Absence and Courage My Love.
Tickets go on general sale at 10am on Friday at:

Artist pre-sale is now live at:

As It Is recently announced the release of their third album, ‘The Great Depression’, (out Aug 10 on Fearless Records) with the launch of the album’s first single, ‘The Wounded World’. 
AS IT IS – ‘The Wounded World’ (Official Music Video)
“The Great Depression’ is about the societal romanticisation of depression, the disrepair of present-day human connection, told through the story of a man who finds himself face-to-face with Death. This album is about asking questions rather than offering answers, exploring the lines where consolation and glorification collide, and asking if art is too subjective to offer a universal solution. 

We’ve approached this subject with the tremendous respect and sensitivity it warrants. Mental health awareness and prioritisation has always been immensely important to us, and we want to use this platform for good and to challenge problematic behaviours and stigmas.  More so than ever before, we’ll be working alongside incredible non-profits, donating proceeds to worthy causes, and using our music in hopes of creating a positive change.”

When music is as its best, it is capable of holding a mirror up to the human condition in a way few other art forms can ever match.

In the hands of the observant, the erudite, the compassionate and the philosophical, music allows us to better understand who we are and feel powerfully less alone.

With their third album ‘The Great Depression’, As it Is are comprehensively proving themselves to be such artists. Stepping out of their comfort zone with aplomb while asking, and answering, complex questions in a way precious few bands ever do.

Across ‘The Great Depression’s dozen tracks, As It Is take the listener on a journey which delves into every aspect of arguably the most prevalent social ill of our time. From public perception, to internal war, the quartet unflinchingly confront the most difficult questions around depression, the value of life over death, and whether the rhetoric around ‘reaching out to talk’ is ostensibly hollow, if no one is prepared to hear those words.


Stage I: Denial

1. The Great Depression

2. The Wounded World

3. The Fire, The Dark

Stage II: Anger

4. The Stigma (Boys Don’t Cry)

5. The Handwritten Letter

6. The Question, The Answer

Stage III: Bargaining

7. The Reaper (ft. Aaron Gillespie)

8. The Two Tongues (Screaming Salvation)

9. The Truth I’ll Never Tell

Stage IV: Acceptance

10. The Haunting

11. The Hurt, The Hope

12. The End.

Stream the new single and pre-order the album at:

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