As a Rival - Griefers - Album Review
As a Rival - Griefers - Album Review 9
As a Rival - Griefers - Album Review 9
As a Rival - Griefers - Album Review 9
As a Rival - Griefers - Album Review 9
As a Rival - Griefers - Album Review 9
9Overall Score
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As A Rival drop their latest offering in the form of Griefers, a twelve track beauty that kicks off with the explosive ‘Broken Compass’ which sets the tone beautifully. A savage drum intro and thrashing guitars announce the arrival of Griefers like a blow to the head. Intense from the off, it’s a barrage on the senses that takes the breath away and leaves you gasping for more.

There is a raw quality that pours across this album that is intrinsic in its appeal, passion ebb’s and flows throughout and pulls you in deeper with each track, ‘Orbital’ being the perfect example, with a frantic and furious pace rips it’s way across this savage track and leads perfectly into ‘Atom Bomb’ and beyond.  Each track is an absolute banger in its own right, melodic and hard hitting getting the balance right to appeal to as broad an audience as possible. Heavy hitting whilst still retaining that airplay quality, a beautifully penned album, Griefers has it all within its twelve tracks to consume and spit out its listeners whilst leaving them begging for more.

Speaking of the album Pete Cerni, vocalist for the band, said that “There are times when we are tested – things that we love, that we live for are put to the sword and we’re left to question ‘is it all worth it’? It’s hard not to focus on the negative. It’s hard enough when it’s your own fight, but watching it happen to someone close to you can be debilitating and make you feel helpless. What We Got addresses the internal struggle that comes with failed attempts to try and comfort those in need.”

The latest single ‘What We Got’ sums up the album in it’s entirety, a ball busting guttural track that drives home the quality within the band, tight and focused with a strong identity and a lot to say!

Griefers is an absolute beauty that should not be ignored, available everywhere Nov 2ndget your hands on this and soak it up.


Track Listing

Broken Compass


Atom Bomb

Coup De Main



Head In The Clouds

Bring Out The Dead

Standing Still

What We Got

In The Gutter

Divide Us


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