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Progressive metalcore quintet Artificial Oceans continues the positive gradation of its release schedule (after the powerful “Glass Cannon” and the emotional, Heart Support-endorsed “Safe Haven”) with the launch of the most recent single off the band’s latest EP (“Distance”)  – the emotionally charged “Commonplace”! A ruthless, hard-hitting song that presents some serious groove and bouncy riffs and is sure to get the crowd on their feet (as showcased by the accompanying video), “Commonplace” is a song with anthemic choruses, undeniably crunching heaviness and the unrelenting level of aggression, which explores the progcore territories that the formation is determined to explore, with its very well polished and clear, crisp and consistent, heavy hitting atmosphere that pairs relentlessly aggressive vocals, soaring choruses and catchy, energetic riffing in one diligently diversified smasher that is fueled with pure angst.

Watch the video for “Commonplace” by clicking on the image below.
Talking about the quintessence and the core of “Commonplace”, Artificial Oceans comments: “This is a song about a relationship where you find yourself going around in circles and the other person consistently takes advantage of you. It makes you feel like you’re caught in this never ending cycle that pushes you down every time you feel like you come up for air, until you feel like that kind of treatment becomes a normal occurence and you come to accept it as the norm. For the video, we wanted to capture a crowd’s reaction to a high energy and aggressive song. With how angry and pent up the song’s lyrics are, it’s hard for the performance of the song to not reflect it and the crowd always seems to mirror that same energy. It’s a song that we feel like we connect with people live, and we wanted to reflect that in the video.”

Commonplace” is off Artificial Oceans‘ recently released EP – “Distance”!


1. “Glass Cannon”
2. “Fingers Crossed”
3. “Safe Haven”
4. “Loose Ends”
5. “Commonplace”

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