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An all-new Art d‘Ecco movement is imminent; defiantly maximalist and nostalgic in style.  The glam rocker/producer returns today to offer us the first listen to new music with, “Palm Slave.”

Meshed inside saxophone swells, and a practically pounding piano line, “Palm Slave, according to Art is, “a cautionary tale about obsession, and how a misguided search for meaning and purpose, may lead some to very dark places.”  It was previewed by Wonderland who described it as, “Reminiscent of the sounds of David Bowie, Art D’Ecco submerges his listeners into an enigmatic soundscape, offering the perfect track to kick-start a night of mystery and debauchery.”

With a full length, new album confirmed for later this year, Art will be immediately showcasing some new material live via a series of shows including New Colossus and SXSW.  These will be followed by dates in Edmonton (Winterruption) + Calgary (Big Winter Classic). All dates are noted below and ticketing details are available here:

Art d’Ecco’s last album, In Standard Definition, came out last year via Paper Bag Records.

Art’s new approach: “Maximalism! I wanted to produce a big, bright, sparkly album.” And shed the sparkly facade. You might double-take to see the raw soul, whose once raven bob cut has become a naked shock of white-blonde yet still with unwavering eye contact and refusing you to ignore the present moment. And then you realize, it’s the unvarnished freedom that is, Art d’Ecco.

ART D’ECCO – LIVE – 2022

Mar 9 – Philadelphia, PA – Milkboy Philly
Mar 10 – New York City, NY – Bowery Electric (8:30 PM) – New Colossus Festival
Mar 11 – New York, NY – Piano’s Showroom (5:15 PM) – New Colossus Festival
Mar 11 – Piano’s Upstairs (9:15 PM) – New Colossus Festival
Mar 12 – Washington D.C. – Comet Ping Pong
Mar 15 – Austin, TX – Swann Dive (12:30 AM) – SXSW Festival
Mar 16 – Austin, TX – Hotel Vegas (1:30 PM) – SXSW Festival
Mar 18 – Austin, TX – Hotel Vegas Patio (7:45 PM) – SXSW Festival
Fri Apr 1 – Edmonton, AB, CA – Winterruption Festival
Sat Apr 2 – Calgary, AB, CA – Big Winter Classic 2022


PRAISE for In Standard Definition

“d’Ecco’s familiar sound lands somewhere between the accessible glam of early Killers records and the icy coldwave of Drab Majesty on the cover” – FLOOD

“Packed with punchy, super-catchy songs” – Brooklyn Vegan

“Throughout, d’Ecco salvages sounds from another era, laced in mod ’60s, ’70s glam, and a grainier world pre-MTV, from opening “Desires,” which explores the shifting tides of stardom and being yesterday’s news, through the enigmatic “TV God,” which finds d’Ecco swaggering through the more cretinous scope of show biz.” – American Songwriter

… I was blown away by the authenticity of the glam rock sound that forms the core of ‘In Standard Definition’. But it’s really a lot more than just a homage to glam rock, the elements of ‘70s disco, ‘80s synth and more really add to the sound to create something well worth listening to. I asked the question earlier whether the album title would prove to be an understatement, and I can safely say that it is. Hell, this is easily 1080p quality for sure!” – Uber Rock

Art d’Ecco makes songs that are swaggering and determined. – CBC ‘q’

Art d’Ecco may just be the alien star we all need – Wire

In Standard Definition, offering escapism from the lumpen brutishness so beloved by the colourless modern day indie rock scene…an album of killer tunes that may be mannered to within an inch of its life, but are crammed full of wit and bravado.” – MusicOHM

It’s a shame that a ritzy gentlemen’s club now occupies the original Soho site of Blitz, since Art d’Ecco was born to be a belle of the New Romantic ball.” – 8/10 Uncut

“he has that intangible thing separating the pros from the pretenders.”  – The Georgia Straight

“Magnificent Anthem” – Simon Le Bon, SiriusXM show Whooosh (Head Rush)

“Matching precocious art-rock elements to that preening Marc Bolan stomp, it’s reminiscent of New York Dolls in its androgynous swagger.” – Clash

“The fog machines, slow fades and d’Ecco’s sparkling threads help bolster the song’s retro rock flair, which recalls the best and boldest of David Bowie and T. Rex thanks to sultry background vocals and plenty of percussive flourishes.” – Exclaim
“d’Ecco’s sophomore full-length plays out like the pictures between the static of idle channel surfing. Each track on In Standard Definition plays like an episode into celebrity culture.”-Consequence of Sound

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