RIOT releases ‘Thundersteel – 30th Anniversary Edition’ on November 30th!

On November 30th Metal Blade will release a “30th Anniversary Edition” of one of the most popular RIOT albums, “Thundersteel”.

Originally released in 1988 the album is getting the full Metal Blade treatment including a bonus-DVD with exclusive footage.

Surf over to EMP or the Metal Blade ebay-store to secure your copies. The following formats are available:

–180g black vinyl
–pale thistle grey marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 300 copies)
–midnight blue purple marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
–clear lavender marbled (EU exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
–opaque violet marbled (US exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
–picture disc (limited to 500 copies)

Tracklisting RIOT – “Thundersteel – 30th Anniversary Edition” CD:
01. Thundersteel (3’50)
02. Fight Or Fall (4’25)
03. Sign Of The Crimson Storm (4’40)
04. Flight Of The Warrior (4’17)
05. On Wings Of Eagles (5’41)
06. Johnny’s Back (5’32)
07. Bloodstreets (4’39)
08. Run For Your Life (4’08)
09. Buried Alive (Tell Tale Heart) (8’56)
10. Bloodstreets – Alternate Ending Version (4’43)
11. Buried Alive (Tell Tale Heart) – Alternate version (7’25)
12. On Wings Of Eagles – Live 1988
13. Flight Of The Warrior – Live 1988
14. Johnny’s Back – Live 1988
15. Thundersteel – Live 1988
Remastered by Patrick W. Engel at TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY in January 2017. Additional work in September 2018

DVD (total: tba / ca. 120 min)
1. “Thundersteel” Live in Halletsville, Texas, 1988 [Video] ca. 70 min
01 Fight Or Fall
02 Fire Down Under
03 Sign Of The Crimson Storm
04 On Wings Of Eagles
05 Buried Alive (Tell Tale Heart)
06 Flight Of The Warrior
07 Outlaw
08 Bloodstreets
09 Run For Your Life
10 Drum Solo
11 Johnny’s Back
12 Swords And Tequila / Blues Jam
13 Guitar Solo
14 Thundersteel
2. “Thundersteel” Anniversary Shows (recorded October 24th and 25th, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan) [Video]
01 Narita
02 Fight Of Fall
03 Sign Of The Crimson Storm
04 Swords And Tequila
05 Dance Of Death
06 Warrior
07 Flight Of The Warrior
08 Thundersteel
09 Documentary & Interview footage with Masa Itoh, Japan 1989
3. Production Videos
01 Bloodstreets
02 Born in America
03 Restless Breed

ARMORED SAINT European ‘Symbol of Salvation’ dates coming up shortly!

Shoutout video from John Bush!

Coming November ARMORED SAINT will embark on a European tour, commemorating their classic ‘Symbol Of Salvation’ album! On this special run, the band will perform ‘Symbol Of Salvation’ in its entirety!

Frontman John Bush has now posted a shoutout video to mobilize the European SAINT legions. Check it out at

Adds Joey Vera: “We’re excited to be returning to Europe again this November to bring Symbol of Salvation Live in it’s entirety. We’ve already played a handful of shows this Summer but now we’re going further into Europe including some countries we’ve never played before. Super excited for this! We look forward to seeing many of you again and also looking forward to making new friends! See you soon!”

02/11/18 NL – Enschede – Atak (Tickets)
03/11/18 DE – Weissenhäuser Strand – Metal Hammer Paradise (Tickets)
04/11/18 DE – Essen – Turock (Tickets)
06/11/18 DE – Nürnberg – Hirsch (Tickets)
07/11/18 CZ – Prague – Futurum Music Club (Tickets)
08/11/18 HU – Budapest – A38 (Tickets)
10/11/18 HR – Zagreb – Mochvara Club (Tickets)
11/11/18 IT – Milan – Legend Club (Tickets)
12/11/18 CH – Pratteln – Z7 (Tickets)

Metal Blade Records re-issued ‘Symbol Of Salvation’ on CD and LP this past May. The LP features a vinyl remastering from Patrick W. Engel as part of the “Metal Blade Originals” series. Special treatment and 400g heavy cardboard spine sleeves (inside out print), 60x60cm two-sided artwork posters and 250g inserts guaranteed! The CD includes 4 bonus tracks.

Secure your copies now via EMP or ebay!

After being dropped by Chrysalis Records in 1988, ARMORED SAINT began writing for a new record and searched for a new label. During 1989, founding guitarist, songwriter Dave Prichard was diagnosed with Leukemia. In January 1990, Dave went into the hospital for a bone marrow transplant but succumbed to the treatment, passing away on Feb 28th, 1990. By this time, the band was writing as a 4-piece, with Dave being the sole guitarist; they had written 25 songs and demoed all of them.

Metal Blade Records CEO/founder Brian Slagel approached ARMORED SAINT and offered a recording deal in late Spring of 1990. They regrouped with original guitarist Phil Sandoval and Jeff Duncan, who was hired as a touring guitarist during a 1989 tour with King Diamond. Recording of this new album – which would become Symbol Of Salvation – began in winter of 1990 with producer Dave Jerdan (Alice in Chains, Janes Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers), and it was engineered by Brain Carlstrom (Alice in Chains, The Offspring, Rob Zombie). During recording, the band used a guitar solo from a demo track played by Dave, and included it on the song “Tainted Past”.

ARMORED SAINT went on to tour with the likes of The Scorpions, Suicidal Tendencies, Wrathchild America, Sepultura, and more, in support of Symbol Of Salvation. Now, in 2018, the band is bringing back these classic tracks to the live setting, for fans to enjoy once again, in honor of Dave’s memory.

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