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Northern Irish quintet Archives drop their debut album Decay today, Dec 10th 2021. Born just last year during the pandemic these fledgling modern metal, Metalcore fanatics are here to make their mark with a blistering debut of 10 solid tracks. 

As the album opener kicks in you know these guys mean business, stellar production drives home the gargantuan riffage blasting its way through the speakers at you, pounding you from the off with pummeling, punishing gnarly riff’s, in your face vocals and all-round highly polished sound. 

It is surprising that these guys are new to the scene as they have a really well put together fresh, powerful sound that can take some bands years to establish. The opening tracks are frantic, packed with frustration and a level of energy that rips throughout the album. Intricate multi-layered tracks with banging guitar savagery coming in and out as tight as a tigers ass, you have got to hand it to Archives as they know how to make an impression. The production once again just makes this album soar!  (Well done Josh at JSR Audio) They have killed it on the recording making each and every track stand out, twists and turns as you weave your way across the ten tracks just not quite knowing what you are in for next. 

Whilst the overall sound is brutal and violent they keep a melodic quality across the album that even as they beat you sonically black and blue, you’ll be thanking them for it. This is one album you want to crank up loud, feel that air move in the room and soak up every punishing blow one at a time. 

An absolutely stellar debut, Archives “Decay” lands as we get our asses out of 2021 with Omicron on the horizon but it’s Saul Goodman, with bands like Archives emerging like a Phoenix out of the flames that was 2020, bringing us an album of such quality. There must be hope, right?  

Decay Drops on Dec 10th – Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

‘Decay’ album track listing:

1. Eulogy,

2. Blueprints,

3. Decay,

4. Unity,

5. Mindfield,

6. Holding on,

7. Parmaviolence,

8. Mapmaker,

9. Karoshi,

10. Fountayne Road.



ARCHIVES feature Adam Holland (Vocals), Stewart Ferguson (Lead Guitar/Clean Vocals), Samuel Irwin (Rhythm Guitar), Paul Douglas (Bass), and Daryl Montgomery (Drums).

Archives // Decay // Album Review
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