Architectural Genocide premiere brilliant new video for ‘Gorge On Deceased’

With their debut album, Cordyceptic Anthropomorph, drawing in a deluge of praise from death metal loving fans and critics alike, Architectural Genocide have decided the time is right for a brand new video release. ‘Gorge On Deceased‘ is undoubtedly one of the standout tracks from Cordyceptic Anthropomorph and the perfect soundtrack to this hilarious horror filled film – a salutary tale for those who enjoy solitary woodland walks. ‘Gorge On Deceased’ is presented exclusively at Slam Worldwide today for your viewing pleasure…


If you’ve yet to brave the bludgeoning assault of Cordyceptic Anthropomorph – surely one of the best brutal death metal debuts in recent years – then check out this sample of the most recent press…
“Eight songs, forty minutes, four players, one hell of an ear-smashing good time…” – LAST RITES
“…a potential contender for Brutal Death Metal record of the year…” – AVE NOCTUM
“… memorable riff action…” – METAL TRENCHES
“… a cruel, sharp album that will get all the viscera out of your body!” – DEADLY STORM


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