Architects // For Those That Wish To Exist // Album Review


Formed in 2004 by twin brother Dan and Tom Searle, Architects have been pushing the boundaries of Metalcore music since their inception and released their debut Nightmares in 2006 which was swiftly followed up with Ruin the following year.

Hollow Crown was the title of the 2009 release and two years later The Here And Now continued the band incredible rise which really was cemented by Daybreaker in 2012. The incredible release schedule continued into 2014 with Lost Forever//Lost Together. 2016 was a year of success and sheer tragedy following the release of All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, founding member, guitarist and principal songwriter Tom Searle died after living with skin cancer.

Taking a couple of years to process this tragedy and finding someone who could take on the role, Holy Hell was the first album to be released without Tom in 2018 and now the band are back to blow not just shake things up, this album is going to blow you away.

To get something out the way this album contains some samples and electronic aspects that maybe the others haven’t but, trust me, this does only compliments the ultimate crushing power that is about to smash everything you know to pieces.

As ‘Do You Dream Of Armageddon’ finishes, the already released ‘Black Lungs’ continues to warm things up with bending riffs, soaring vocals and a shattering drum. But don’t think that this where things finish as the breakdown lands and totally fucks everything up. It gets the arms swinging uncontrollably and tests the backs resilience as your headbang begins from the hips.

This stunning combination continues and you find yourself just getting more and more impressed as different harmonies are matches with utterly devastating aggression that makes you just go ooooh fuck. By the time you hit ‘Impermanence’ you are warmed up nicely, which is a good job as otherwise when Winston McCall of Parkway Drive joins the party shit really hits another level and in many ways, it’s a good job the follow-up track is a more melodic offering.

The fluctuation between anthem and crushing keeps you on your toes and each aspect really compliments the other as the album progresses and I challenge anyone to not be blown away by this album. For me, this is a contender for album of the year and I ordered it as soon as id heard it all. For Those That Wish To Exist is incredible and any Metal and Metalcore fan needs this in their life.


Ed Ford


For Those That Wish To Exist is released Friday, February 26th via Epitaph Records.


  1. Do You Dream Of Armageddon
  2. Black Lungs
  3. Giving Blood
  4. Discourse Is Dead
  5. Dead Butterflies
  6. An Ordinary Extinction
  7. Impermanence Feat. Winston McCall
  8. Flight Without Feathers
  9. Little Wonders Feat. Mike Kerr
  10. Animals
  11. Libertine
  12. Goliath Feat. Simon Neil
  13. Demi God
  14. Meteor
  15. Dying Is Absolutely Safe



Architects // For Those That Wish To Exist // Album Review
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