Arc Arrival are pleased to announce the upcoming release of their single ‘Count Havoc Among Our Sins’

 The single is the title track from the forthcoming EP ‘C.H.A.O.S.’ which is set to be released on 30th October. ‘Count Havoc Among Our Sins’ will be accompanied by a lyric video, which has been created by Lee Waters.

‘Count Havoc Among Our Sins’ will be released on 2nd October!

 Arc Arrival explain why they feel this track is the best choice for release as a single: “Every song on the EP is well loved by the band, but ‘Count Havoc Among Our Sins’ was the first song we recorded and wrote for the EP and made the most sense to us to be the first release. It encompasses everything about us musically, and everything we were going through to get to this precise moment in our lives. It shows many of the singular feelings through this process with the heavy breakdowns and technical parts which we feel is the pinnacle of the beginning in the EPs track list.”

 Arc Arrival hail from Stirlingshire, Scotland. A semi-final slot in Glasgow’s Metal 2 The Masses competition shortly followed giving Arc Arrival the determination to progress further, knowing that they were on the right path musically.
Since the release of their single ‘Wartorn’ in April 2019, the band have been refining their style with aggressive soundscapes, melodic guitars and both heavy and clean vocals, encapsulating their intense and modern sound.

Arc Arrival are:
Greg Dick (Vocals)
Mag Kiemer (Guitar)
Marc McGuire (Drums / Backing vocals)

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