Aqua Seca releases their third music video for the fan-favorite single, “Don’t Care.” Trent Hankinson, Derek Stewart, and Jacob Horne decided to take on the music scene following the attention they received for the music video for a previous single, “Whipped Cream,” which has garnered over 13k views on YouTube. Since the release of “Don’t Care,” it has gained over 30K streams on Spotify. Now the brilliant cinematography of the music video will help the listener visualize the band’s true vision for the song.

The music video premiered today on New Noise Magazine! In more exciting news, they will be doing a live session with KX Radio next Tuesday, and they will be dropping their first album, Neutral Stereo, on January 31st.

Listen to “Don’t Care” here:

Check out the rest of their music:

The “Don’t Care” Music Video starts with a lone man in the middle of nowhere, sitting in an airplane seat that has been detached from the entire rest of the aircraft. He sits in extremely shallow waters, just high enough to soak his shoes. It is clear and sunny outside, but that doesn’t stop the audience from the trippy scenes they are about to experience.

The music starts immediately, loud and fast yet very catchy. The man is completely alone as he starts doing the strangest things such as running around, frantically driving a random truck he sees, and playing poker with himself. By the end of the video, the man is lying in the water looking up to the sky. We eventually see him stand back up, turn and give one last smile to the camera as the audience may feel like they were just in a dream-like trance. The video comes full circle as a symbol of self-destructive behavior and how some of us don’t care what others are thinking.

“The video came to symbolize the type of person who is doing a lot of certain activities but has no idea why he is doing it. He has no idea what is going on, but still doesn’t care what anybody else might say, left to his own self-destruction. There really is no tangible reason for him to be there, but somehow he ended up there.” -Trent Hankinson, Aqua Seca

The guys have known each other since they were freshmen in high school and have always enjoyed jamming out together in their spare time. At the time that Trent began writing songs for the upcoming LP, focusing on music was the last thing he should have been doing. He was a full-time student in college with an overloaded class schedule and an internship, with his songs just voice memos he had on his phone. When Trent decided to stop holding himself back from his dream, he reached out to Derek and Jacob to be permanent fixtures of Aqua Seca. Like Trent, Derek and Jacob had other commitments such as a full-time apprenticeship and school. However, the pull towards their music was something any of them could ignore and now the songs are more than just melodies in Trent’s head and memos on his phone.

Trent Hankinson (main vocalist and guitarist) is in charge of the entire writing, recording, and production process; and with Derek Stewart (on drums), and Jacob Horne (bass, guitar, and keys) they are ready to take on the music world.

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