APPRENTICE DESTROYER: experimental project featuring members of ULTHAR, VASTUM and PALE CHALICE announce new album “Permanent Climbing Monolith”

Shadowy experimentalists, APPRENTICE DESTROYER, have today announced details of their new cinematic release. The project’s second album, aptly entitled “Permanent Climbing Monolith”, will be released in LP and digital format on September 20th, 2019.

The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Steve Peacock (ULTHAR, PANDISCORDIAN NECROGENESIS, PALE CHALICE, MASTERY), APPRENTICE DESTROYER is an experimental project that focuses on dense and layered soundscapes.

The first album, “Glass Ceiling Universe” (Castle Face, 2015) weaved an eclectic, driving soundtrack akin to analog Berlin school krautrock. With the recent expansion of 4 lead guitarists (including members of VASTUM, ULTHARand PALE CHALICE), modular synthesis and pummelling live percussion, APPRENTICE DESTROYER’s new album and live show have developed into an exercise of harmonic overtone experimentation. Its heavy feedback laden melodies, cavernous vocals, and repetitive rhythmic fervor share dynamics with 70’s synth prog, punishing noise rock and prepared garage guitar academia.

Recommended for fans of Swans, Glenn Branca, Neu and Tangerine Dream.

“Permanent Climbing Monolith” tracklist:

01. Final Moongate
02. Permanent Climbing Monolith
03. The High Dimension Illuminator
04. Avalanche Arrival
05. Striped Dome Horizon
06. Falling Canyon Resonator

Recording line-up:

Steve Peacock – Electric / Acoustic Guitars, Drums, Synths, Vocals
Shelby Lermo (VASTUM, ULTHAR, EXTREMITY) – Electric Guitar
Nick Stanley – Electric Guitar
Bob Renz (CURASAO) – Electric Guitar
Max Bonick – Synthesizers
Brandon Thomas (PALE CHALICE) – Drums

Along with being commissioned to score the video accompanying the Grammy winning Voyager Golden Record, 40th anniversary edition (Ozma Records, 2017), APPRENTICE DESTROYER and related music from Steve Peacockhas been covered by Pitchfork, Noisey, Wire, Decibel, Playboy, All Music, and more.

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