Any Given Day - Overpower - Album Review
Any Given Day - Overpower - Album Review 8
Any Given Day - Overpower - Album Review 8
Any Given Day - Overpower - Album Review 8
Any Given Day - Overpower - Album Review 8
Any Given Day - Overpower - Album Review 8
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Back with LP number 3, this fast rising German Metalcore Quintet have produced an album that definitely pulls no punches. Any Given Day’s rise to fame, helped by covering Rihanna’s song ‘Diamonds’ and having Matt Heafy from Trivium appear on their track ‘Arise’, plus a number of decent tours has put them rightfully into the spotlight.

Starting with the second released single ‘Loveless’ it packs some weighty punches, verses feel like a Five Finger Death Punch track. Excellent rhythm, a great catchy chorus which all feels very cliché in metalcore, but by no means a bad thing as the execution is great and the talent is quite clear to see.

One of the highlights on the album ‘Lonewolf’ has excellent guitar work mixed with clean vocals that work so well, a nod towards Jesse Leach from Killswitch Engage here. Catchy choruses and heartfelt passion make this track a standout. Another decent track from the album ‘Devil Inside’, guttural vocals open this one up, soulful sounding clean vocals follow fast paced music, feels like a mix of Killswitch Engage and Bury Tomorrow.

‘Never Surrender’ another brilliant belting track and ‘Savior’, the first single from the record is another impressive track. Both follow similar routes but still separating themselves enough from the rest.

Overpower, although more mellowed than their previous releases, is an impressive album showcasing the powerful vocals, excellent guitar and drum work. Though it may well be a well-trodden path in the genre which it fits into, there is enough excellent moments on this album to make it stand out from the crowd. Any Given Day are really knocking on the door of the big hitters in Metalcore.


Peter Watts

Overpower is out now via Arising Empire

Track listing

  1. Start Over
    2. Loveless
    3. Savior
    4. Taking Over Me
    5. Lonewolf
    6. Devil Inside
    7. Sure To Fail
    8. In Deafening Silence
    9. Whatever It Takes
    10. Fear
    11. Never Surrender

Line up:

Dennis Diehl – lead vocals

Andy Posdziech – lead guitar

Michael Golinski – bass, backing vocals

Dennis ter Schmitten – rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Raphael Altmann – drums


‘Savior’ Official Video
‘Loveless’ Official Video
‘Lonewolf’ Official Video

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