As the May 1st release date of Ante-Inferno’s masterful debut, Fane, grows ever nearer the band have revealed the secrets that lie behind its dark doors, exclusively at the Black Metal Productions YouTube channel. From today you will find this stunning album of black witchcraft streaming in its entirety right here…
…waiting to ensnare you!

The album will be released on UKEM Records on May 1st and pre-orders are open now.
Get the CD and limited edition vinyl here
Get the digital version here

Reviews are starting to come in for Fane now and they confirm what a special album this is…
“… promises of darkness and violence…imbued with the blackest anguish…” – METAL HAMMER ITALY
“…a balance of black grimness and more rolling, misty hills…” – TEETH OF THE DIVINE
“… captivating even when your soul is torn apart and scattered on the winds of chaos.” – THE VOID

Head to Black Metal Promotions now – and let the darkness consume you!

And don’t forget that Fane will be with us on May 1st through UKEM Records!

For more information on Ante-Inferno click here
Visit Ante-Inferno on Facebook
Visit UKEM


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