Anonymous Singer-Songwriter Peter Lake Release Single Trilogy Yellow Out July 30, 2021

Anonymous Singer-Songwriter 

Peter Lake

 Release Single Trilogy 


Out July 30, 2021

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(New York, NY – July 16, 2021) For many, the color yellow may conjure up feelings of happiness, warmth or cheerfulness. The NYC-based artist who goes by the alias Peter Lake discloses what the color represents to him in his new alt-rock EP and short film, entitled Yellow. Consisting of three songs and their accompanying music videos, which together create a 12-minute film, Yellow tells a multi-layered story of love, loss and honor. Filmed by prominent music video director, Paul Boyd (Shania Twain, Lenny Kravitz, Neon Trees), the short film follows a rugged biker on a mystical journey with an extraterrestrial visitor. Yellow will be released on all music streaming platforms as well as Lake’s YouTube channel on Friday July 30th.

Yellow arrives fresh off the heels of Lake’s four wildly successful single releases earlier this year, including “Black Corridor,” and “Bonfire Eyes”, which together exceed over 4.6 million total streams on Spotify. Shot in the Greater Los Angeles Area, the Yellow video trilogy stars Jeremy Connors as the protagonist and Brandy Redd as the beautiful alien love interest. The videos were produced by Eric Barrett, known for I’m Gonna Git You Sucka (1988), Joe Cocker: What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted (1999) and Fun Lovin’ Criminals: Love Unlimited (1998).

The Yellow EP consists of three tracks – “Past Lives,” 6 Seconds” and “Blue Flower Blue” – each having a specific theme. Inspired by a previous relationship, “Past Lives” centers on a romantic relationship in the throes of a unique conflict – believing in reincarnation while simultaneously understanding that life is for the living and being present in their love.

Similar to love, life is provisionary. Drawing inspiration from a 2010 speech given by General John Kelly’s honoring two fallen marines and their selfless act of heroism, “6 Seconds,” memorializes the quick decision making of two young corporals, Corporal Jonathan Yale and Lance Corporal Jordan Haerter, while also serving as a reminder that life is fleeting.

The third single, “Blue Flower Blue,” captures the essence of the popular phrase, “feeling blue.” Lake explains “Losing love is like the colors of the flowers and leaves changing color. The colors are gone and so is the love.”

Yellow, the new EP and short film by artist Peter Lake, will be available on all streaming platforms on Friday, July 30th. Follow Peter Lake on social media for announcements of Lake’s upcoming EPs, Red and Blue.

Yellow EP
1. Past Lives
2. 6 Seconds
3. Blue Flower Blue

More about Peter Lake 

Peter Lake is a genre bending singer-songwriter who revels in anonymity. With a belief that people’s perception of him should not influence his message and music, the New York City-based artist believes in increasing his range by combining elements of different genres, creating a melting pot of positive aspects from all musical styles to integrate into his work.

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