April 30th, 2021 (New York, NY) – Anonymous duo Newspoke today release their sophomore album, Knocking on the Door of Daylight. The album follows the release of singles “Clean”, “Friend”, and “Sleep Well” which were acclaimed by publications such as American Songwriter and BTR Today.
Under The Radar Magazine shared the new album and said, “Knocking On The Door Of Daylight is pure indie rock brilliance, delivering indelible hooks over adventurous instrumentals and a wonderfully lush recording.”.
Following their acclaimed debut album Faces released in 2018, Newspoke returns with more perspective. The album displays their signature indie-rock melodies and hypnotic acoustic guitars alongside lyrics that describe experiences with break-ups, loneliness in NYC bars, addiction, as well as losing a loved one to suicide, finding love, and the personal journey of lead vocalist/songwriter M.
M tells Under The Radar Magazine, “I loved our first album, Faces, but I firmly believe Knocking on the Door of Daylight is a large step into new territory for us as a band…While Faces was focused on breakups and declining health, Knocking on the Door of Daylight is more diverse: living with an addict, trouble finding love, finding love, the loss of several friends, and a lonely megalomaniac carving his name into the resolute desk. The album title is a signal for hope, that there are brighter things moving forward. In order for you to move beyond the past, you have to put all of these crappy life aspects to record; once they’re out there in the open, the future does look brighter.”
The album ranges from the melancholic “Sleep Well” to the bass-heavy, wistful track “Would Be Lady”.“End of The Show” offers a lo-fi synth groove and raspy vocals which contrast lyrics that describe the loss of a friend. “Clean” features dynamic acoustics and earnest vocals while battling topics of addiction and mental health in its lyrics. The track was specifically inspired by an experience M had with a roommate while living in LA. The emotionally charged ballad “Python Petroleum (or Must Be Tough to Carve up the Resolute Desk Into Firewood and Other Forms of Combustibles)” completes the album with a resonant guitar solo and final lyrics “Man, it must be tough” which reflect the coming to terms of sorts that the album represents.
The duo teamed up with Jorge Elbrecht to mix the album, who has worked with artists such as Japanese Breakfast, Ariel Pink, and Washed Out. However, the experience of making the album was a complicated one with M stating, “We began tracking the album almost immediately after Faces was released in March 2018 but early in the process we both had personal difficulties pop up that slowed us down after we tracked drums. Then, all of a sudden, this weird thing called a pandemic threw everyone’s lives in flux. Everyone was thrown this nightmarish curveball and our band was no different.”
For Newspoke, full attention is paid to the smallest of details including the visual aspects of the album. Using animation, drone work, and green screen digital faces throughout their visual components allowing them to bring the world of their music to life. In addition to the videos, the artwork for their album was equally as important for M and R. M explains, “For the album cover, we chose this ominous image of the sun because it’s a perfect representation of this album: you want to approach the light, but getting there is immense, terrifying, and all-encompassing.”
New York-based Newspoke is an anonymous duo that focuses on honest, revealing music and eclectic visuals. Going by ‘M’ and ‘R’, Newspoke emphasizes their honesty through anonymity. Newspoke’s 2018 debut album Faces was lauded by critics at publications such as Atwood Magazine, Popmatters, and Substream Magazine, The album handles topics such as heartbreak, death, and the human experience.
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