Annihilator // Metal II // Album Review


Annihilator releases “Metal II ” today the reincarnation of their 2007 monster “Metal”, on the 18th of February with a couple of tweaks, incomes Dave Lombardo, Slayer fame, on drums and Stu Block, Into Eternity, on vocals giving it a little extra spice. While it is not a new album it kinda is, completely re-recorded to give it a “new” feel, they also juggled the tracklisting, removed “Operation Annihilation” but added an excellent cover of Van Halen’s “Romeo Delight” featuring the late Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom, as a tribute to the great EVH. The thing that stands out most with Annihilator is their speed and aggression and the tracks on here have proven to last the test of time, tracks like “Chasing The High”, which opens the album, and “Downright Dominate” slap the snot out of you right from the off, no intros or drawn-out proceedings just full force and in your face, coupled with the pounding “Army of One” and eight-minute plus rager “Haunted”, which to this day still blows my mind, it is just pure class. Every time I hear Annihilator the is something that just resonates, it’s the guitars, the drums, the singing; just the whole package, so for me this is a no brainer and for the uninitiated it not a bad place to start your Annihilator journey before you go either back or forwards on their catalogue.


The release of ANNIIHILATOR’s “METAL II” record is dedicated to the memory of Eddie Van Halen and Alexi Laiho!

The release is connected to a big guitar giveaway where fans can win an originally signed ANNIHILATION II – EPIPHONE FLYING V guitar additionally to a virtual meet & greet with Jeff Waters himself!
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Album Release: February 18th 2022


Review: Conor


Annihilator for this album

 Jeff Waters           Guitar/Bass

Dave Lombardo  Drums

Stu Block               Vocals


CD Digipak / 2LP Gatefold black /
Ltd. 2LP Gatefold transparent orange / Ltd. 2LP Gatefold transparent turquoise

1. “Chasing The High” featuring William Adler
2. “Downright Dominate” featuring Alexi Laiho
3. “Army Of One” featuring Steve “Lips” Kudlow
4. “Couple Suicide” featuring Danko Jones and Angela Gossow
5. “Heavy Metal Maniac” featuring Dan Beehler & Allan Johnson6. “Haunted” featuring Jesper Strömblad
7. “Romeo Delight”
8. “Detonation” featuring Jacob Lynam
9. “Clown Parade” featuring Jeff Loomis
10. “Smothered” featuring Anders Björler
11. “Kicked” featuring Corey Beaulieu



Guest appearances


Willie Adler          Lamb of God

Alexi Laiho            Children of Bodom

Steve Kudlow      Anvil

Danko Jones and Angela Gossow     

Jacob Lynam

Jeff Loomis           Arch Enemy

Anders Bjorler     At The Gates

Corey Beaulieu    Trivium

Annihilator // Metal II // Album Review
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