Andy James - Arrival - Album Review
Andy James - Arrival - Album Review 10
Andy James - Arrival - Album Review 10
Andy James - Arrival - Album Review 10
Andy James - Arrival - Album Review 10
Andy James - Arrival - Album Review 10
10Overall Score
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There are a few words to describe this album but the one that probably best suits it is phenomenal, from the first track “Enter Through Fire” to the atmospheric closer “After Midnight” it has everything you want in an instrumental album and more.

People hear instrumental album and shudder but this is one album that will change your mind, and you will have it playing on a constant loop. From classic rock to really heavy as you want it, it’s got it. Every track just seems to get better and better, and that takes some doing as each track is amazing. “Enter Through Fire” gets proceedings underway and it is not long before you are mesmerised by some stunning guitar work that will have you enthralled and thinking that hard to see how, but believe it or not “As I Fall” tops it with a million miles an hour pace, and again those magical fingers of Andy James just reel you in leaving you scratching your head in amazement at the sheer mastery of the guy. “

Equinox” is real hard hitter with a pounding drum beat and guitar playing that would leave the majority of “guitar wizards” with their fingers in knots. “Afterlife” is another stunning track that just seems to meander along with little flourishes here and there but then Mr James unleashes with a stunning solo that will have you jaw on the floor. “Shattered And Broken” is quite possible the best track on the album it just captivates right from the first note and builds from there with Andy running up and down the fret board like a madman and it gets even better the heavier the songs gets, just pure genius. “Droneoid” starts out like an 80’s horror movie theme tune but that is soon forgotten as it goes from the eerie to the sublime, again only word to describe it and that is mesmerizing. “85” has a real Joe Satriani feel to it with tapped out notes and speed like no other, this is the epitome of a ddriving song if ever there was one, just brilliant. The closing track “After Midnight” starts out like something from the Stranger Things show, a creepy atmospheric feel from the start that gives way to a nice slow paced tune with a pounding drum track to back it up and again the guitar playing is just out of this world, nothing forced just extremely fluid and effortless.

For those who hmm and haw about instrumental albums I can guarantee you this is one album that will change your mind, it is simply put stunning



‘Arrival’ was released on October 19th via Urban Yeti Records


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